The classiest of all Datsuns: Tomica Limited Vintage Datsun Fairlady Roadster…

We will be getting our 510 on very soon.

While Targets are getting rushed by Datsun 510-starved collectors looking for the Hot Wheels Heritage version, Tomica Limited Vintage will be releasing its first 510 2-door this month.  Until now, it was all 4-doors, and considering how the 2-door 510 is preferred among so many, it should be very popular.

That is coming very soon, so expect a lot of coverage.  But we want to turn our attention to another Datsun that is equally iconic, but a little unrecognized by many because it hasn’t been immortalized by Hot Wheels.  Yet.

The Fairlady Roadster has a strong BRE heritage, looks good stock and modified, boasts of some highly desirable models among the car-collecting set, and is, maybe most important, a speedy little convertible.  It is always a star at JCCS, whether bone stock or lowered on a set of Watanabes with some racing stripes.

And we will let you google-dive into the history of the Roadster, if you haven’t already.  Search google images, and you will see some incredible looking cars.  You will want one.

Then go to Japan Booster, and try NOT to buy one or five of the Tomica Limited Vintage version.  It will be hard.  The TLV Roadster is a must in any Datsun-loving collector.  Just look at these, all seven versions so far…

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