Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Collectors Convention Datsun 510 Wagon Exclusive…

This isn’t exactly a secret anymore.  Images of the Datsun started leaking a few weeks ago, but we didn’t report it due to a special request made.  But now that the Datsun has officially been unveiled, we are excited to show it here.

If anyone needed anymore incentive to attend the convention, there it is.  The Datsun Wagon has become the most unlikely of signature Hot Wheels models, but there is not arguing that anymore.  Five years ago, you would have been laughed out of the room if you predicted that a Japanese grocery getter with no horsepower from the 70’s would be as popular as the Drag Bus and ’67 Camaro, but it has happened.

And with that popularity, the ceiling has been broken.  There is a Japanese Convention exclusive.  Happy day.

And it is appropriate that it will be debut in JDM-rich Los Angeles.  Tickets always sell out, but this black beauty probably will make it happen that much faster.

More models will probably be unveiled soon.  I would suggest following the Convention Facebook page if you haven’t already.

So who is going?  Let us know, and I will see you there…

(Photos by Collectors Events Unlimited)

3 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Collectors Convention Datsun 510 Wagon Exclusive…”

  1. It is fitting that this casting has become a signature model of the current era of HW as it is designed after the designer's personal car. A car often seen by collectors in pics, sometimes in RLC only content. A casrig I was excited over even before the frenzy it caused once it was released.

    I love the simplicity of this convention car. Great look. Can't wait to see the other convention pieces!!

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