First Look: Kyosho Initial-D Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno…

We are the hypers.
I really enjoy when I get comments about how I irresponsibly hype items.  I never knew showing models I like on a blog you can choose to read or not would constitute that, but whatever.  I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to hype cars.  I just post what I like, find interesting, or dislike so much it merits coverage.  And yeah, what I think Lamley readers might find interesting.
So if readers like it too, I guess I hyped it.  So get ready for more hype, because I really like the model I am featuring today.  And yeah, I am going to provide a link to where you can get one yourself.
The model is the Kyosho Initial D Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno.  I try not to come at models from the angle of the entertainment – in this case, comics and tv – it was based on, even if it is the sacred Initial D.  The panda AE86 is as iconic a car as KITT and and Doc’s Delorean are here in the US.  But I try and go from the angle of the car itself, so here it is.
The Initial-D AE86 is definitely a one-without-the-other scenario.  AE86 means drift, which made it perfect for the street racing stories of Initial D, which made the drift scene what it is today.  One big circle.  The one thing about the Initial D AE86 is it remains, looks-wise, as AE86′-y as it did when it was first made.  Aftermarket Wats and other small changes still don’t take away from the terrific panda look.
There have been a lot of replicas done in the past, including an unofficial nod from Hot Wheels a couple of years ago.  But no Kyosho, until now.  It is a perfect match, especially since Kyosho has already done the AE86 in the past.  So they got the license, dusted off the mold, and now we have Takumi Fujiwara’s Sprinter.
I have one of the older panda AE86’s, so it was imperative to put them together, and it is a pleasing sight.  As much as I want to focus on the car itself, the important place this car takes in Japanese auto culture makes it that much more worth having.
Of course, a lot of people think that, and expectantly the Kyosho has been immensely popular.  But our friends at Japan Booster do have it, and when it inevitably sells out, try to list more as soon as possible.  And as always, pair it with some other Kyosho or TLV to total over $50, and you get free shipping.  Totally worth it.
Hype machine is on, and it is humming…
Kyosho Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno (Initial D):

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  1. I'll never understand why people complain about the hype, but nobody mentions the ebay links provided to actually purchase the models. I've gone straight from here to eBay on several occasions, Always gotten fair prices on the models and am about to do it again.

  2. This Initial D one ended up being my first Kyosho Hachiroku, but it's the gray one always seen on Lamely I'm actually in love with. *drool*

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