Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Tesla Model S in red…

Ok, we can like this one a little more.

Hot Wheels today unveiled the Tesla Model S recolor on their Instagram feed, and based on what we see, it might be a little more pleasant on the eyes compared to the first version.

Bright red still doesn’t fix the chin or over-sloped top, but it does look better.  The almost painted-looking first version was not the best way to debut the model, especially compared to the very sharp Matchbox version, so we will happily take this.

We assume this will be part of Batch Q, but that is yet to be known…

8 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Tesla Model S in red…”

  1. no it was not, the first release was the silver one which has only just been released, so not sure where you or they get that from, especially as they have JUST said they have only now released the red one….

  2. LOVE THE BEEMER – Well not really, i cant stand the brand, but the piccy looks great, and about time it was changed – can i please put in a request for a BRITISH model as the next one ?!?!?!?!?!?

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