The brand new Hot Wheels Heritage series and the latest Retro Entertainment models are now out at Wheel Collectors…

Another heads up for everyone.

Wheel Collectors spent yesterday sifting through a massive delivery of pallets yesterday, and now have listed a bunch of highly anticipated Hot Wheels.

First up is the much ballyhooed Heritage line.  If you remember, each batch will alternate between Real Riders and Redlines, and the first Real Rider batch is now out.  Fanboys will go bonkers for the two Datsuns, and of course we will add both to the collection (the Bonneville Salt Flats-ready 240Z being the highlight), but the real treat is the Chevy Greenbrier Wagon.  We are always game to a new van, especially a classic like the Greenbrier, racing style or not.  You can find the batch here:

Hot Wheels Heritage Batch A

Next is the next batch of Retro Entertainment.  Some fantastic models here as well, but it is all about the two pickups, the Friday Night Lights ’83 Silverado with a wonderfully stock deco, and the Ford F-250 from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ready to take on any task in its wonderfully simple livery (and on steelies to boot!).  The Silverado is especially a must-have, as it will sit beautifully next to the RLC version coming out soon.  All the Retro models can be found here:

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment

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