Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Toyota Baja Truck Super Treasure Hunt…

Hey look its a Japanese Super Treasure Hunt in red!

What is the streak at now?  Datsun 240Z, Toyota 2000GT, Toyota Tundra, Datsun 510 Wagon, Toyota AE86 Corolla, Toyota Supra, and now the Toyota Baja Truck.  Only the Mitsubishi Evo breaks the mold.

That is a lot of red, and a lot of Toyotas, but there is no doubt these are good-looking models, and the fact that we have a plethora of Japanese Supers will get no complaints from me.  And now we have images of another, which will be the last Super of 2015, the Toyota Baja Truck.

Here is the thing.  You tell me that the Baja Truck will be a Super, I don’t get excited.  You show me how it looks, with the Toyota Racing colors, and I will tell you that is one of the best Japanese Supers Hot Wheels has done.

We might be a sucker for the orange and yellow, but it is a Toyota Racing staple:

And Mattel has clearly fallen in love with it too.  All the evidence you need is last year’s Toyota Tacoma from the Matchbox Gathering Dinner, and the most recent release of the Matchbox Land Cruiser.  It is now Hot Wheels’ turn:

And those colors work with anything, even a spectraflame red Super TH.  This one might not achieve the hype of the final Super of 2014, but to us Mattel has once again ended the year on a massive high note.  This one is fantastic.

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  1. Looks great!

    Too bad there's no premium release (which would probably be easier to find) currently available of this casting that has these wheels.

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