First Look: Hot Wheels Road Trippin’ Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X…

Here is the thing I hate about that Lamley Blog:  (Or is it Lamely?)

They are all about JDM, and they hype that sh*t out of it.  No one liked Japanese cars until the Lamley Group started hyping them.  It is all their damn fault.  Datsun 510’s hung on the pegs until Lamley started blabbering on about them.  And that is all they talk about.  They have never done anything about Camaros or Corvettes or Mustangs, just JDM.

That is why there is no doubt that after hardly covering the Road Trippin’ Series, I am sure they will take a ton of photos of the new Hakosuka Skyline in the series, together with all the Hot Wheels Hakosukas, and go on and on about how cool it is, and how it remains one of their favorites.

They would say something about how the deco on the Road Trippin’ version is better than they thought, and that the shimmery red really stands out.  And while “Kaido Racer” might not be the most subtle reference to Japan Car Culture, it still looks cool, and the simplicity of the design and colors works really well.

Of course all that Lamley hype would push the prices on eBay into the stratosphere, and all those damn scalpers would pick up all of them and sell them for crazy prices.

I used to be able to get all the models I wanted until Lamley screwed it up.  That hype machine could really tone it down a bit.


Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X (2015 Road Trippin’)

16 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Road Trippin’ Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X…”

  1. Thanks a lot. Cause of you guys I never find JDM cars anymore. Why can't you hype up fantasy cars instead? Please send me this skyline to atone for your mistake.

  2. I know!!! The jaguar f type was unveiled a while ago and lamely didn't give a crap about it!!! Lamely!!!! Stop being so obsessed with jdm!! There's other cars out there!!!

  3. Guys. This is one mans blog about HotWheels. It is not the HW page and so stop bitching about it. Yes it sucks that the jdm cars are more expensive but if you don't like the blog and its content just don't look at it and go some place else. You can't just moan that it is unfair as not everyone loves jdm. Again, it sucks but deal with it. Thank you.

  4. Is because of Lamley (And Initial D) that I started to appreciate JDM cars, the good thing here in Uruguay is that I can go to a store and find a lot of the cars I want without any problem because no one gives a s**t about collecting.
    So I don't have any problem with the Lamley-hype

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