What model would you pursue? Matchbox preproduction models for the upcoming Gathering Charity Auction have been unveiled…

The countdown is on.

The Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is now only a month away, and for the 8th time in a row, I will be there.

The Gathering is the signature Matchbox event, and for those of you who have read the blog the last few years know, we like to give it ample coverage.  There is always a lot to report.  Representatives from Mattel always attend, and present the strategy and new models for the upcoming year.  There are Mattel-produced exclusive models to commemorate the event, and the in-room trading is even more diverse than at the Hot Wheels conventions.

One of the other hightlights of the event is the Charity Auction, which is held after the Saturday dinner.  All kinds of unique items always appear, donated from all over, but it is the Mattel-donated preproduction models that always garner the most attention.

Prepros large and small, in various stages of production, are donated, and the bidding can get wild.  Here are the basic cars donated the last 3 years:




I have won three over the years:

The Caterham in 2011, the Cadillac Coupe in 2012, and the BMW 1M in 2013.  I was shut out in 2014, and I have no idea if I will win anything this year.

But I do have my eyes on a few, because once again Mattel has donated some fantastic models for the 2015 Auction.  They are all here:

The lot of items isn’t as big as in year’s past, but there is some fantastic stuff, new and old(er).  And a good variety too.  Obviously most of our readers won’t be there, but if you were, what models would you pursue?

Some closeups:

4 Replies to “What model would you pursue? Matchbox preproduction models for the upcoming Gathering Charity Auction have been unveiled…”

  1. The Charger, Silverado and Monaco are what I'd go after personally.

    Love seeing these preproduction models!! HW does the same for the HW conventions.

  2. Would be nice if they held this convention in the spiritual home of Matchbox once in a while, could you Imagine if Majorette bought Matchbox and only held the conference in France and made sure the French got all the new stuff first and the only ones to get the collector lines, Imagine the uproar of US collectors. Matchbox means as much to us as Hot Wheels does in America, but we aren't Americans so Mattel won't make the effort.

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