Hot Wheels 2015 Batch L, including the Zamacs, has been released…

A Sunday heads up for our Lamley Readers…

It looks like Hot Wheels 2015 Batch L has been released.  Our favorite Texas seller has listed all of them, including the Cadillac Elmiraj, Tesla Model S, Honda S2K, ’65 Mustang Super TH, and a Regular TH that will get the masses talking.  We also get to see the Zamacs for Batch L.  You can see it all here:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch L

Lots to like here, but we are sure the Regular TH will get the attention.  Some highlights for us:

7 Replies to “Hot Wheels 2015 Batch L, including the Zamacs, has been released…”

  1. I'm gonna take a wild stab.. i'm assuming you're are talking about the Tesla because the Piranha Terror looks pretty neat, but.. I know a lot of folks aren't digging the HW's version of the Models S compared to the amazing MBX reality star!

  2. That piranha looking thing. I wonder how it may fare on the track.

    My nephew got me into the hobby, now that he's into racing these cars, my priorities on on the pegs have also changed. “BEST FOR TRACK”, “BEST FOR TRACK”….. lol

  3. Yet another reg. TH I'll be leaving in the store. As for the 65 Mustang Fastback: the regular version & the $uper look identical except for the wheels, at least in the pic.

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