This week’s As is the Custom is now up on the Lamley Customs Blog…

So, would you agree that the first month of the Lamley Customs Blog has been a rousing success?  We think it has.

Seth, Luke, and Chris have done a magnificent job rounding up the best for each week’s As is the Custom, and even better they have added some fantastic new features, like Artist of the Week and a compilation of their Instagram custom contest, Friday Night Likes.

The bread and butter of the new blog is now up, and you can see it here:

As is the Custom on the Lamley Customs Blog

From what I have heard, you can now look forward to a full “How-to” series coming up, covering the very basic to highly complicated customizing methods.  Many have asked for that in the past, and now we have the folks who can make it happen.

And also many thanks to all of you for A) submitting your customs if you have them, and B) going and reading the Lamley Customs Blog.

One note: Earlier this week we found out that some customs we were featuring were being credited to the wrong person.  These images, possibly unknowingly because of a language barrier, were submitted to us in a way that made us think they were created by the submitter.  It has since been removed, but we want to make sure to let everyone know that crediting the proper artist is very important to us.  If you see that we have made a mistake, please let us know and we will correct it immediately.  If we are asking to show a custom that you have featured on your IG or Facebook page, but it is not yours, we ask that you let us know who the proper artist is.  We try to do our due diligence, but the things are we can’t turn over every stone.

The most important part of showcasing customs is crediting the artist.  We hope you can all help us do that properly.

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