Nissans on the way: Silvia Super Silhouette, Prarie, Japan Skyline, Vision Concept all coming to Tomica Limited Vintage (oh, and an Alfa too)…

There is only one thing I hate about Tomica Limited Vintage:

When they unveil upcoming models, they hit you from every direction.  After seeing what TLV unveiled at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan, I was like a kid in a candy store, only when that kid can’t make up his mind and figure out what he wants.  He just runs around each aisle grabbing all he can and putting it back.

I don’t know where to start.

So let’s start with what was just released.  The May batch is now out, and our friends at Japan Boosterhave it.  It starts with a brand new casting, Toyota’s Japanese flagship for many years, the Century.  I love it when TLV takes on a luxury car.  No notion of speed (although it did hold a V8), just weight and comfort, and it looks like TLV captures it perfectly:

We cannot wait to showcase these here on the blog.  Alongside the Century are two more Toyota Town Ace Vans (proving very popular), and the GT-R the JDM fanboys have yet to embrace, the Isuzu Bellet.

Lastly, this huge batch (double the size of the April batch) also includes Volume 2 from the new Tayio Series, containing a Mitsubishi Galant Sigma Police car and a Nissan Gloria.

We will showcase all of these models as soon as we get them, and you can find them all right now at Japan Booster:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

So that is only part of the news.  The other part comes from the Shizuoka Hobby Show, where TLV previewed their upcoming models.  We will show the pics, and you can look for these models:

  1. Nissan Vision Concept 
  2. Alfa Romeo 1300GT Junior
  3. Upcoming Honda Civics
  4. Hino Car Transporter
  5. Toyota Supra
  6. A new GT-R Casting and new designs on the N-Attack
  7. Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette (!!)

Awesome stuff eh?  The Supras are out next month, and the Civics and Transporter later this summer/fall.  The others we have no idea, but we are super excited to see them.
But let’s focus on that last one.  The Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette is the most exciting news of all.  We have showcased the Bluebird and DR30 Skyline Super Silhouettes before, and I have even said that they rank as my favorite TLV models:

And in our features on the Super Silhouettes, we mentioned a third Silhouette that needed to be done, the Nissan Silvia:

And it is finally on its way.  Those wheels!  That deco!  That car!  It will be a blast to finally have this.
There was one more photo from the show, this time of the display, where the upcoming Crown Wagons are visible, as is the Nissan Safari, and the just-announced First Gen Nissan Prairie:
TLV even released renderings of the Prairie:
And included with those renderings was even ANOTHER new TLV, the C210 “Japan” Nissan Skyline:

You see how this can get a little overwhelming?  I don’t know where to start!
So we will do this:  I am most excited about the Silvia, but the Prairie is a major surprise, as is the C210.  And that isn’t even mentioning TLV’s first foray into Italian territory with the Alfa Junior.  That should be a gem.
The next few months should be pretty fun…

15 Replies to “Nissans on the way: Silvia Super Silhouette, Prarie, Japan Skyline, Vision Concept all coming to Tomica Limited Vintage (oh, and an Alfa too)…”

  1. That's not a generator. That trailer is very important as without it, the Safari's important gadgets can't be used.

    That vehicle also has 2 hi-power water cannons that can even flip a car.

  2. They had done old Alfas before, but that is for the ChoroQ Zero line.

    They did ChoroQ replicas of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, in both civilian and Italian Police colors.

  3. Hate this? I LOVE when there are so new models coming that you can't even decide what are you more excited about!! Anyway, I was unsure until I got to that Prairie. Wow!!! I ADORE that Prairie, its perfect!

  4. Correction. I goofed big time. Not only was the car I had not a Century but it wasn't even a Toyota. It was a Gloria. Still. the black paint is gorgeous.

  5. It's the only Toyota in the lineup that has a V12 engine.

    The Toyota Century is not available at Lexus dealerships, only at Toyota Store locations in Japan.

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