Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 US J Case…

So, yeah, we crossed our fingers that the J Case we got from Wheel Collectors was full of 8 Crate Supers.  Alas, we weren’t as lucky as Zack.

But that is ok.  We will settle with the other cool stuff that came in this case.  Of course most of you, at least in the US, have found the J Case, and from what we have seen the Escort has been, not surprisingly, the model most people are grabbing.

And isn’t that great!?!  For those who knew the Hot Wheels collecting world 10-15 years ago, how rad would it be to go back in time, and tell all the collectors hoarding ’67 Camaros, ’69 GTO’s, and other muscle cars, that the most sought-after cars today are a Ford Escort and Datsun Station Wagon. They would have told you to get back in your phone booth with Bill and Ted and get the hell out of Dodge.  It is still a trip to hear comments like “Woohoo I got all the Escorts!” or “I am sick of all these Escort-hoarding collectors.  Leave some for the rest of us!”  Escorts!!  FORD ESCORTS!!

Anyway, the J Case has been all about the Escort, but there is a lot more to look for.  And that is why we are doing today’s Case Report.  As always, here are all the contents of the sealed case, as we extract the models 3-by-3.  Enjoy…

Hot Wheels 2015 US J Case:


Reg TH Alert:

Escort Alert:

A very nice case, but you already to knew that.  There were two Escorts in this case, which means there should be plenty on the pegs between Batch J and K to cover anyone who want them.  No Super, but we have exhausted that topic enough in the last couple of days.  You know what it looks like.

Now you have seen it, so go get lucky and find a Super, or an Escort, or whatever.  There is plenty to enjoy…

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