First Look: The highlights of Hot Wheels Batch K…

Alright enough talk about finding 72 Super Treasure Hunts.  It was fun, and we got A TON of comments, and it was obviously a topic that brought a lot of strong opinions out.  Hopefully we can all understand everyone’s perspective.

But let’s get back to ogling over some models.  With all the other things to post about (J Case Report coming tomorrow), the K Case models have been piling up.  So we are going to knock them out in one go.

Not that these are models to gloss over.  There are some disappointments (the NSX, which we have already featured, and the Aston, which has an upsloped chin that is worse than originally thought), but there are some gems as well.

But let’s get that Aston Martin Vantage GT3 out of the way.  I sometimes read back at what I wrote about a model and think that I was a little harsh.  Models getting some modifications for more play-ability is not a terrible thing at all.

But this Aston.  It’s a disaster.  I am shocked that Aston, after Hot Wheels and Matchbox have churned such good looking models, approved this one.  This “ready for the track” trend with Hot Wheels race-oriented models is something I have a lot of thoughts about, and once I organize them I will do a post about it.

But here is the Aston.  Look at your own risk:

Moving on…

Let’s go from that thing to what, in my opinion, is the best-looking model of Batch K.   The absolutely stunning Corvette ZR1 in Gulf livery.  We will do a post showing all these models soon, but the Corvette deserves to be shown on its own:

Pretty eh?

Which leads to a couple of other logo cars, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and Buick Riviera.  The Riviera is lovely in red, the Evo is just too busy, although the subtle Speedhunters logo you have to look closely to see is pretty cool:

Next, the flames.  Flames get a lot of grief from a lot of collectors, but they have been on big cars and little cars for a long time now, and Hot Wheels now reserves a subset for the flamed cars.  And many are worth getting.  In this batch, its the pickups.  The Chevy C10 finally makes a return, as does the (now called) the ’78 Dodge:

And then there is the VW Caddy.  The Escort is great, the BMW M4 is growing on me, and the Acura NSX is, well, we’ve gone over that enough.  The Caddy?  Awesome choice, awesome execution, and while the orange is more of a signature color, the silver brings out the fantastic detail in the casting.  The Caddy is easily one of the best of 2015:

8 Replies to “First Look: The highlights of Hot Wheels Batch K…”

  1. Agree with you on this blog except for the flamed trucks. Although the I love both castings of the trucks, the flames really turn me away. Never liked them on most cars. Thanks for the blog. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Nice roundup.
    I still prefer my red C10. Flames on cars is a difficult art and Hot Wheels seems to overdo it in most cases.
    The less said about that Aston Martin though…

  3. Agree. Flames are pretty tacky if not done right on an actual car. The flames designed onto these Hot Wheels are awful. Love the trucks but not the flames. For that reason i'll leave them on the pegs.

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