Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels Cadillac Elmiraj…

No up-sloped chin.  No large rear wheels.  And from what we can tell, a beauty.

Photos have surfaced of the brand new Hot Wheels Cadillac Elmiraj, and we really like what we see. And we knew we would, provided Hot Wheels kept true to the actual Elmiraj Concept.  Cadillac seems to like seeing there stuff as true to their proper dimensions as possible, so it isn’t a surprise.

So we are in on this one.  Sure, rear tampos would be nice, but a blank back is expected these days.  Ultimately, a great casting, and a welcome one after a few disappointments in the New Model lineup this year…

What do you think?

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  1. Again a Matchbox car forced into Hot wheels line. Missing tail lights and misaligned tampo prints on the hood which is supposed to align with the grill lining are contributing to the lost charm of the model compared to the real car. It's an average car I would say. I'm thankful that HW left it plain without crazy graphics – at least for the debut version.

  2. Can't wait to put a new model Caddy into the collection. This – is – sweeeeeeet!!!!!
    Rear tail lights would be really nice, especially with the Navy blue metallic paint, but it has really nice lines. Looks a tad dark but at least they stuck with the original concept color.

    Nice wheel choice and the grill badge appears very pronounced. It will interesting to see what colors come next ~ wonder if they are going to use those very busy stripe combinations?
    Makes me think that the 1st version, with the base color, was made for collectors and will release the funky graphics for the kiddies?!?!
    Great job HW's!

  3. Oh man this car is to be a must have but even though we notice a photo of the Cadillac Elmiraj the question is would it be true that it only be available to retailers by October of this year?(according to a you tube video I recently viewed) In addition since I reside in Canada I personally wouldn't be surprised ( I realize that it ain't always ideal to be pessimistic) that it may be available in my country or even just my hometown or region later than October,in fact,at a nearby Wal Mart (we only have 2 in my hometown) I noticed some Hot Wheels 2015 models however not as many as there ought to be.Finally will someone be so kind in wishing me luck in finding the die cast Cadillac Elmiraj and other desirable 2015 edition of Hot Wheels that is actually somewhat hard to list for this article I'm commenting about.

  4. The last car I did before my contract ended… I really wanted to give it more “Hot Wheels” but was very limited because of the license.. I did tweek the body shape just a bit though and do the most I could with the limitations… glad to see finally on the pegs:) Hopefully the rest of them have that tampo in the right place!

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