First Look: The insane (and licensed!) Matchbox Ghe-O Rescue…

I know, you are looking at this thing in the photo above, and are saying to yourselves “Again!?!  I thought these over-the-top unrealistic Matchbox off-road models were coming to an end!  I thought those days were over, and Matchbox was going to replicas of real models again.”

That would be my thought too.  Until I saw this:

Alright, let’s be honest.  That is badass.  And I don’t use the term “badass” lightly.  It is a term that should only be used for a vehicle that can make a Hummer look like a VW Bug when it is getting pulled out of the snow.

And we can totally get behind this as a Matchbox model.  We have never had a problem with Matchbox’s dedication to emergency and utility vehicles, when they are licensed or based on real vehicles.  It is when they get exaggerated or are complete fantasy models that we get skeptical.

So the Ghe-O, this is a great Matchbox car.  Unique choice, fantastic execution.

The real thing can hold 11 people, and it can be fitted with devices that will help it float on water and plow through snow.  And, as far as we know, is the first Matchbox based on a Romanian vehicle.  Cool, eh?

Don’t lump this in with the Terrain Trouncers or Dump Dozers.  This is a real vehicle, and it is a Matchbox worth having.

Matchbox Ghe-O Rescue (2015 New Models):

13 Replies to “First Look: The insane (and licensed!) Matchbox Ghe-O Rescue…”

  1. Man that truck just doesn't give any fuck about the terrain. It just plain goes. And the casting… WOW. Faith in Matchbox Rescue restored. Now how about the Rally Fighter, Marauder, Kamaz Dakar truck, and the G63 6×6?

  2. I was uninterested in this, too focused on the Ford GT, but now that iv seen it in action. This might be the best of the Case. Absolute monster, beast and a half. It's that truck they show in pictures that are like ” oh your lifted? How cute”. Now here's hoping for many releases, in several licensed rescue liveries. And with the sled trailer. Also variations of the water wheels one, and the half track. Maybe even, dare I say it, a supreme Heroes version, with new off road wheels. I will be collecting this one entirely.

  3. This is definitely “Unstoppable” in real life. In some videos on the G-HEO Motors site, they showed the Rescue going in places Land Rover Defenders and Hummers got stuck. And it sure isn't a cheesy generic!

    I'll be getting one for sure.

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