Meet Lamley’s "Holy Grail"…

Yeah, “Holy Grail” in the diecast world is probably a bit misused.

The term has come to represent that one model on your want list that, no matter how hard you look, never shows up anywhere.  Sometimes it is that one model you need to complete a set, or a rare variation, or even a model that was easy to find at one point, but now it has all but vanished.

Of course when we say misused, it happens all the time.  I have seen it used with Super TH’s that just aren’t out yet (Oh, that Evo Super is awesome and it is totally my Holy Grail!), or with models that are just too expensive.

Those aren’t Holy Grails.  If you want them, you can get them.  Holy Grails are what the Holy Grail mythically is.  That treasure that may or may not be out there, and even if you were willing to pay any amount, you just can’t find it.

So we have seen people talk of many Holy Grails like the 2005 FTE Dodge Charger with flames, or the red-wheel Dieselboy, or the #1-46 John Morton-signed RLC BRE Datsun 510.  There are many more, and we would love to hear what yours is.

I have one too.  It isn’t an epic variation, or a rare prepro, or a model that is always on everyone’s want list.  It is a simple Matchbox 9-pack model from 3 years ago that, for the life of me, I cannot find.  Anywhere.

And even more annoying, I had one in my hand, and back in the day I passed by them all the time.

The 9-pack model I am talking about is the 2012 Matchbox Dodge Challenger in lime green.  It was only released in 9-packs, and I even featured it on the Lamley Blog (that is where these pics came from).  That particular model I sent to my Lamley partner David Tilley, and figured I would just pick one up later.  Of course I forgot, and when I went looking, the packs were gone.

So I look and I look.  Nothing.  I’ve asked, and friends either have one for themselves or never got one.  Ugh.  Hence, a common green Dodge Challenger, which is quite a nice-looking model, has become my Holy Grail.

Is this just a fun article or a plea for help?  We will let you figure that out (but if you have one you want to sell or trade, I can be found at  Just sayin’).  Just know we have a Holy Grail.

Do you?

15 Replies to “Meet Lamley’s "Holy Grail"…”

  1. These “grails” are for castings that I want to “complete” but these releases will likely be the hardest to obtain, due to scarcity and price. All HWs:
    -1996 Race Truck Series Nissan Hardbody with yellow interior
    -2009 Cop Rods '68 El Camino, which was part of the “lost” Cop Rods. Could likely add the Military Rods release as well
    -Hot Curves trackset white Vary 8, from 2006 I think.
    -Mexico pink Spoiler Sport. Likely going to be the hardest of any of these to get. Have never seen a mint one come up for sale.

    There are other “grail” like items that I an after, like some employee exclusives and international only releases (India/LEO and Venezuela being the top ones), but these listed above are the key ones as they are all of castings I want to complete.

  2. Mexican Aurimat Greased Gremlin with White Hub Real Riders, and the pink Spoiler Sport Aurimat. Mexican CIPSA Redlines… real holy grails.

  3. That's a good holy grail. That Chalenger is likely one of the best 1:64th scale challengers I've seen. Spot on color, and all the right tampos. A very nice casting. If I come across one… I'd probably keep it. But if I ever get an extra I know who to talk to.

  4. Matchbox 2008 Toy Fair Volkswagen Bus.. the “Go Apollo!” bus! I found one some years ago, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Missed an auction on eBay about four months ago.

  5. Not necessarily a “grail”, but I loved the purple challenger that came out. Plum Crazy! Great Details too. My “grails” are the best looking, like the white R8, and the Toy Fair 1M (Thanks Lamley BTW, I love it)

  6. Beyond the single picture of it that was on the Lamley Blog in Sept. 2014, I haven't been able to find any evidence it was produced, so for the moment, mine is the Matchbox BMW R1200 GS with the yellow handlebars/fairing & black seat.

  7. Mine's the LaFerrari. The last new production Ferrari HW has made. They're not gonna make another, not even the new 488 GTB, because Ferrari's gone and will never come back to Mattel. I know, I know, there's still quite a lot of them both on Amazon and on Ebay, and it isn't really that remarkable, but it's just a few months away from being in the same spot as this Challenger. And I've fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with that car IRL that even just the toy version would suffice.

  8. Was that the featured car in the corner of the box? or was it in any other position in the box? I have a tendency to find the “hard to find”…if I find it its yours

  9. Yeah, my holy grail is definitely a misuse of the term in that it is a Matchbox car that doesn't even exist… yet. You know which one I'm talking about.

    Anyways, that lime green Challenger does look killer. I haven't even got the easy to find versions yet, tough I may correct that mistake soon…

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