First Look: The latest color of the Matchbox BMW 1M, and the reemergence of BMW at Matchbox…

We were thrilled to see this model in yesterday’s Matchbox Ambassador Report:

Sure, no front or rear tampos, but there are ample reasons to be excited about this BMW M5 Police.  It obviously starts with the casting.  Between these images and the 3d print we photographed last year at the Gathering, there is no doubt this is Matchbox doing what it does best, $1 realism.

Next, the livery.  It is simple, it is not from the US, and it came from this:

Lastly, it will be the companion of this model, 10 years and a lost-and-found licensing agreement after its ROW (Rest of World) – only release:

How cool is that?

Friends, we won’t get too excited, but remember a few weeks ago how we pleaded with Mattel to bring Matchbox back to its glory?  Maybe we spoke too soon.  Between the models we have been seeing released lately, and the candid answers from the new Matchbox team yesterday, there may be a lot to be excited about.  We obviously are not ready to declare Matchbox back, but those photos above are sure encouraging.

We can go further.  Put the M5 next to this recent release:

Which came out a few years after this one:

Which is a descendent of this one:

Which is companion to this one:

Which was part of the same series with these three:

A series, that also contained this one:

Which would make a great companion for this one:

That is called full circle, folks.  And just think about the Matchbox BMW’s we didn’t include.  You will see a lot of them in our Golden Age of Matchbox series.  It is encouraging to see models like this, and see how well they fit in with the older Matchbox.  Hopefully the brand is turning a corner.

One BMW we didn’t include in our little circle with the BMW 1M.  The 1M is one of the few bright spots from the 2012-2014 era that has emerged as one of my personal favorite Matchbox models.  Mattel kept that smattering of hope alive with the 1M’s emergence, especially given that fact that the 1M isn’t exactly the most well-known BMW.  More obscure means a better choice with Matchbox.

And with that, we are very happy to have another color of the BMW 1M.  This time red.  We may have rethought the models used, but we have no qualms with variety, and we are glad Matchbox is giving us a little.

So while we celebrate the M5’s connection to past Matchbox BMW’s, let’s give the bridge BMW its due…

(You can find the 1M in all forms on eBay…)

Matchbox BMW 1M (2015 Mainline):

The family (with our prepro in yellow included):

6 Replies to “First Look: The latest color of the Matchbox BMW 1M, and the reemergence of BMW at Matchbox…”

  1. Great post and tribute to BMW castings from MBX.
    Why why those wheels on the red version when you have the new 5 spokes if you really want to have a variation.

  2. I think M5 with Split 10 Spokes would look just like the real life example. The wheels on the police car in the photo look just like MBX 10 spokes.
    It's nice to see new non-fantasy models rolling out of the factory.

  3. The wheels on the red 1M looks like a concave japanese racing wheel like rota or rays. To me that is the nicer fitment compare to the oversized multispoke ones on the blue and orange 1Ms, even if they are closeer in look to the real M3 wheels. Would be even nicer in gungray instead of silver.

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