The largest Lamley Sale ever is now on at Wheel Collectors…

We always enjoy announcing these.

Wheel Collectors has been working the last couple of days on the latest Lamley Deal Sale, and this one is the biggest yet.  Over 80 listings, many highly desirable items like the Hot Wheels Boulevard Datsun Wagon and Porsche 993, all at the cheapest prices on eBay.

We highly encourage to check it out here:

Wheel Collectors Lamley Deal Sale

We even asked them to do a special listing of three of our favorites, the Boulevard Datsun Wagon, Nissan Skyline, and Porsche 993:

Wheel Collectors Lamley Grouping

You are bound to find some stuff you want, whether they are models you need, or have wheels you want for a custom, or just to bolster the collection for you and some friends.  And after working with Wheel Collectors for so long, we can honestly say that no one works harder to keep their customers happy.

Enjoy the sale, and keep watching the Lamley Facebook page for links to more deals…

Some that are bound to go quickly:

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