Here comes the NSX: Hot Wheels 2015 Batch K artwork is out…

Hot Wheels has released the artwork for Batch K, and dare I say this should be a batch that quite a few of you (and us) will be clamoring to get.

Many are excited about the Mitsubishi Evo Super TH, and while the wheels and livery leave a bit to be desired, we are too.  The same goes for the Acura NSX.  We famously were underwhelmed by its design, but it looks like Lamley is way in the minority on this one.  Excitement for the NSX is sky-high, and this one should be very popular.  We didn’t know when it would be released, but we are happy to see it is sooner rather than later.

We are also excited to see to the Chevy C10 returning to the mainline.  It was one of our favorite new models a couple of years ago, and we are happy to have it back.  We also are really looking forward to the 240Z recolor (best color yet?) and the white VW Caddy.

The surprising gem though could very well be the ZR1 Vette in Gulf livery.  If it looks anything like the ’70 Chevelle from a couple of years ago, it is going to be fantastic.  Can’t wait to see it in person.

Some other highlights:

Super TH:

Regular TH:

5 Replies to “Here comes the NSX: Hot Wheels 2015 Batch K artwork is out…”

  1. You know, the regular TH for this series, looks to be the best issue this model has had. I would prefer a wheelless model on a translucent blue base, but that's just me.

    Looks like this is a great batch! My picks are the VW Caddy, Datsun, Power Wagon, and the best, the Gulf Vette.

  2. The collectors are really to thank for the C10 returning. At the end of 2013, Mattel let collectors vote on castings for the Heat Fleet series, and the C10 was one of the choices.

    They have done this a good bit the last several years. We originally voted on the HW Racing series for cars dressed in HW Racing colors. Changed to Heat Fleet series for 2013 I think it was.


  3. Looks like I'll be collecting a good deal from this case. Hope to the god of diecasts that the Aston Gt3 doesn't suffer from the upturned chin. Looks to be a gorgeous car .

  4. Meh, I am not to hot on this batch. I think that all the cars, while great, have too many flames and a lack of front and rear tampo detail. Also, I want to really like the vantage gt3 (this weekend I was at the Long Beach Gran Prix gawking at 2 of them), but I have already seen the pics of it, and I know the chin is going to be horrid, and I know that it is designed for the yellow track. The only one that I may pick up is the caddy, and the super TH just because it is a super TH.

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