The move is on. Give us the day, and we will give you a lot more soon…

This is us:

Yes, we are moving.  From one city to another.  Out of the suburbs and right into the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah.

So if you don’t mind, give us the day.  And we promise to come back better than ever next week.  We have a lot of cool stuff planned for once this long process is moving is over, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, check our Facebook page for some of our favorite articles from the Lamley Archives.  We will post them periodically throughout the weekend.  Should be a fun read.

And before we go, a big thanks to all of you for making this labor of love so much fun.  It started with me sharing a few photos, and it has become so much more.  What you collectors have done for others, including Doug at T-Hunted who had his computer stolen at gunpoint, for Amanda, who is battling MS and still doing all she can to raise funds for MS research, and for little Ethan, who has finally made it home from the hospital after his long battle with a very serious case of pneumonia.  We are asked all the time who the “Group” in “Lamley Group” is.  It is becoming apparent that it is all of you.  Let’s keep it up…

Our friend Ethan, getting ready to leave the hospital.

11 Replies to “The move is on. Give us the day, and we will give you a lot more soon…”

  1. Great news about Eathan now he can play with those wheels. Good luck with the move. Just did it myself and finally had a chance to see what I have. Hope you get your own room I did have it set up for customs and restos.

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