First Look: Matchbox Alfa Romeo 4C…

They’re baaaaaaack…

No, not Matchbox.  That “Matchbox is back!” statement gets used a lot every time Matchbox releases something cool.  In all honesty they never did leave, they just hid for a bit.  They’ve popped up before, getting collectors giddy with models like the Foxbody Mustang Police, just not that often.

What we are talking about is Matchbox Alfa Romeos.  The Alfa 4C marks the first Matchbox Alfa Romeo since the “don’t make it a color other than red or white” Giulia Sprint, and it is nice to have Alfa back.  You might remember, a few years ago Alfa Romeo licensors approved the Giulia Sprint for a 2007 release, but when Matchbox tried to do a color other than red or white, the only factory colors offered on that model, Alfa would not grant permission.

Hence, after several red and white versions, Matchbox retired the casting, but it is still fun hunting down those red or white versions you don’t have.  (Be careful, some of the differences on them can be quite subtle.)

And as popular and loved as the Giulia Sprint was, it looks like the 4C will match.  It is a fantastic model, full of old-school Matchbox traits: proportioned wheels, accurate lines, front and rear tampos, and a nice stance.  The real 4C is small, quick and gorgeous, and the Matchbox looks the part.

So is Matchbox back?  Who knows, and who cares.  It may not be as frequent as it was a few years ago, but Matchbox is still putting out great models…

We were lucky enough to get this example from Tom at mdcmonline, who has been selling Matchbox for years.  You can find them on eBay or you can email Tom directly to see if he has what you are looking for.

Matchbox Alfa Romeo 4C (2014 New Models):

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  1. I am sure that matchbox would not have been so stupid as to not get it in the contract this time around, to allow the model to be in more than two colours, slo, with regards the old Alfa, again, i don't understand, how, a contract was made with Alfa, and that Alfa never stated that it would only allow red and white, if it did not, then surely they would be in breach, and if they did, surely someone at matchbox should be shot for allowing this huge mistake – either way, someone somewhere made an error.

  2. Matchbox need to do this way more often if they wish to keep making sales in Europe. Kids want real cars and ones that they can relate too, its the reason no matter what shop you go to it always the real stuff that is gone, that's if you can find a shop that hasn't dropped Matchbox yet. Ever since Matchbox changed the brand direction in 2012, Fenwicks, ASDA (Walmart), Sainburys (5 packs only), Toys R Us have all dropped matchbox since then. And why haven't Majorette, Tomica, Siku, Welly all felt the need to pump there line ups full of generics and wacky creations.

  3. This is MB at it's best, you say their back. Really they seem to be waking up slowly from hibernation. Matchbox did also do some really nice hot rods and dragstrip cars. Charger Funny Car was a beast. Their best castings were the cars you would see on the streets though. I'm going to send you some more pics of some I'd like to see made. This time they will be some really well known but what I think are some really nice cars for being present autos. Most of todays cars are copies of each other but some are gems.

  4. I absolutely applaud MBX for life-like examples being produced, such as this sexy 4C. It's just these wheels i'm trying to adjust to.
    I guess the more I see them the more I try to accept them. I've seen these on other castings and they would take away, or detract, from the model equipped. For example, some recent Porsche, Mustang and Lotus releases. They would make some of these castings look bland.
    But that is my opinion. I'll have to admit.. they rather work OK with the Alfa's glossy rich, red hue. What is nice though, are the tampos front & rear.. nice touch.
    I'll definitely be on the look out for this looker!

  5. I've seen 3 of this model here in Manila and all have the same problem (paint or metal rot) at the front (around the exhaust/ vent). Look closely at the picture above. It is visible.

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