First Look: Hot Wheels 2015 Fast & Furious set…

The tradition continues…

For the last few years, a good friend and I “assemble the crew” and head out to the movieplex to catch the latest Fast & Furious movie.  It is definitely a guilty pleasure.  We take great pleasure in Vin Diesel’s monosyllabic line readings, the constant references to family, and maybe a car or two.

But damned if I didn’t get sucked in and started liking these more than I intended.  I am sure I was not alone in that sentiment when the movie ended with a tribute to Paul Walker, and my friend and I enjoyed watching the sea of tough guys trying to hide their macho tears.  Not that we didn’t have knots in our throats as well.

But back to the models.  Furious 7 definitely has enough cars to merit another series of Hot Wheels, and we are sure we will see it.  And when it comes out to promote the sure-to-happen Furious 8, we will see some new stuff, and Dom’s Charger won’t be a part of it.

On one hand, this may be the best version of Dom’s Charger yet, outside of the Retro Entertainment version.  On the other hand, this is the fifth version of Dom’s Charger, there are only so many versions of a black car that you can do.  So we will take it, but this is the last time we hope we see it.

But that is our only complaint.  We collect these cars more as individual models than representations of the Fast & Furious franchise, so based on the look of these there is no disappointment.

Now bring on that Hakosuka we saw in 5, and the pure white Supra we saw in 7…

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2015 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Series:

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  1. This is a better, more colourful set than last year's. I'm glad Hot Wheels are using a variety of different cars rather than having half the set filled with different versions of Dodge Chargers/ Challengers. So its good to see Japanese and Europeans getting as much attention as American muscle.

    Even if I say that, the GNX and Torino are very well done. The Supra looks okay, not too bad but not too good. Maybe because the movie version had different bodykit and spoiler. The Ford GT and 350Z look better and I think will be hot sellers, although do not hit my sweet spot.

    The Subaru Impreza does, and I have two reasons, one of them being a personal thing.
    1) It is this set's closest and most accurate replication of the real movie car (both as a version and actual casting). Yes the Charger and Torino also replicate their movie counterparts, but they look like recolours i.e. if the movie didn't feature them, HW would have done these versions anyway. The Impreza meanwhile, has the feel of the movie. I know exactly what I'm looking at and from where it originated. It really reminds me of Fast and Furious.

    2) I'm a Paul Walker fanboy. So naturally whatever Brian drives, I have to like. And for the love of god, Paul turns out to prefer JDM over American, like me. And now that he's no longer with us, that feeling has doubled. So I may not buy the others but I will try my best to obtain that Impreza.

  2. These are all beautiful peices, masterfully done. And loooks to me these are in regular cases? Tempos are perfect, Imean there is nut much more I can sat but nailed it.

  3. Got the set of 8 today originally saw it on the pegs of a major retailer here in New Zealand last Sunday, and were a total of 12 castings on the shelf(1 outer = 12 I think thats how they come) Anyway because i didn't have boss with me she had my credit card, she was clothes shopping, I asked if I could put a 7 day hold on them, as it is something they do for their customers, so to cut a long story short I went purchased them today Saturday over here. Well guess what after working all day, I finally get on the computer tonight to discover a review of them, at 6.99 NZ$ each a little steep but we pay $3 for basics and $12.99 for Premiums, and guess what I am a diehard DLM'd but I haven't yet, but that won't last forever, verdict they are hot.

  4. The Buick and GT are the standouts of this series to me, as I'm not a fan of the movie.

    The Buick could have had that “Universal Studios” to appear only on the card, or moved from the door to the base. It shouldn't be to hard to remove the “Universal Studios”, though.

  5. Got all of em today! The Subaru.. it's the worst of the bunch. It's detailed are kinda shoddy, and it's too small. My other wrx dwarfs it. It's about equal to my 370z, which is smaller real world. The Daytona is still too tall.

  6. A lilt dab of nail polish remover with acetone a q tip will take care of that. My walmart dosent have them yet and I am tryin to get two set. Dose any body have an idea what that will run me?

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