Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels US G Case…

It seems things might be getting back to normal…

After a case mixup the last few months that saw dealers getting one batch, big box stores another, and some batches disappearing altogether, it seems things are coming in order once again.  Walmart is getting G cases, Target and many other stores are on F, and we even have seen some Zamacs.  (Albeit the second batch of Zamacs.  The first batch never appeared at Walmart.  We know where they are, and about when they will show.  More on that later this week.)

So while we have seen the G cases in store (quite successfully we might add), we were happy to get a US G Case from Wheel Collectors, just to see what was in the assortment.  And there is some really good stuff.

Let’s get to it and we will make some comments at the end.  As always, a photo documentation of the G Case, as we open it and pull the contents 3-by-3:

Regular TH alert:

Apparently some are after that station wagon:

Some good stuff eh?  Obviously as far as new stuff, the BMW M4 is the most significant new casting (some might say the Batmobile), and the Datsun Wagon, Studebaker Champ, and C7 Corvette the most interesting new entries.

The Paradigm Shift Regular doesn’t generate any interest on our end, but we are more than happy to give some love to the Mastretta MXR.  It looks fantastic in red, and while we didn’t pull a Super in this case, we have been lucky enough to find two and two different stores:

The Mastretta will probably be one of the lesser-loved Supers this year, but we don’t think anyone can deny it is pretty darn good-looking.  For those of you who like your Supers understated, it can’t get much better than this.  It is the first plain Super since the Ferrari Enzo, as far as we can remember.  We will have to open one and give it the full Lamley treatment.

All in all, a nice case…

5 Replies to “Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels US G Case…”

  1. I think this must be the very first time as a U.K. collector that I have seen a brand new Hot Wheels batch opening on this site which actually corresponds with what is in our shops. Unfortunately it usually takes a few months or longer for new Hot Wheels and indeed Matchbox batches to reach here. Maybe Mattel is finally getting its act together!

  2. Oh this means I got I lucky. I found a 3 section dump bin at my Wal-Mart will shopping for Easter the other day and found this case. 2 sections were old stuff. The last bin had this case, and I was able to get 2 510 wagons (don't say I took too many, there were like 6 in the bin) the elcamino and Porsche zamacs, the m4, 3 62 Chevys, (one to keep one to custom and one for my step dad) and the gt 500 mustang. I had the carry overs already (caddy, 370, rx7) and I'm still after the supervan, the Studebaker and the batmobiles

  3. Dat Studebaker pick-up… man I better get that along with the Caddy. They'd make for a perfect pair of pick-ups.

    Speaking of perfect pairs… anyone who's got both the M4 and the blue 934?

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