Just Released: The Hot Wheels Porsche Series is now out in Europe…

Porsche lovers they will be here soon…

One of our readers in Spain emailed us this weekend to let us know that he found the highly-anticipated Porsche Series in one of his local stores, then we found them all listed on eBay from a seller in Portugal.

The series will be hitting Walmarts in the US a little later this year, but it seems appropriate that they are showing in Europe first.  And thanks to the eBay seller and our reader Fernando from Spain, we have pics.  And these look good:

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  1. I want this set so badly. I adore Porsches.

    Speaking of. Half off topic half not. I bought 2 Zamacs today, a 1971 el Camino and the one I'm confused about. A Porsche GT3 RS. The card doesn't say anything about being a Zamac unlike the El Camino, which does. The art for the Porsche is not like other zamacs either. But I found several in the same color scheme, silver with red wheels and accents. It looks like a zamac, but I was just wondering if it is one, just with a reused card art or something.

  2. If anyone can get me this set, as it will never arrive around my area, i will be eternally grateful, I am a genuine buyer, and buy a lot of a couple of Facebook forums, just click my name and message me – I love this set… hope they do more, like a BMW set.

  3. The two you picked and add the 917 to the three cars I'd get for sure. Maybe the 914 too, but I'd have to see it in hand first. I love the idea of this series, but it's full of DOGS. I get a feeling that this series will rot on the hooks when they do show up here in Michigan.

  4. I've got the same issue. It's gotta be a zamac, no doubt. I think it's a card error on a large scale. All the ones listed on eBay have the same card error (and the sellers agree it's a zamac). I haven't seen any zamac Porsches online with the correct card label. Nor am I finding much talk about it, strangely

  5. These cars are made in Malaysia. Ironically, they are not available in Malaysia. As a M'sian collector, this really pissing me off. Mattel, what were you thinking??

  6. Those would be good choices.. I highly agree! Would choose one of those instead of a 914, but must admit… the 914 in this bunch is one of the best examples i've seen yet.

  7. It is pretty odd. I kind of wonder if they just used a previous black or grey card art for it and called it good. It's a gorgeous zamac either way. It just confused me when I found it cause I was at first thinking it was just a regular recolor but looking at it I was like no way this thing is painted. You can't get that color. Oh well. Unsolved mysteries

  8. Here in the United States there have been numerous cars made here that were made specifically for export. And a lot of companies have made stuff specifically for export.

  9. The 959 is a little special, as I had a black one when I was little. Hopefully ,it will retain its metal baseplate.

    Most look pretty great and have accurate liveries. The 917 I'll get for sure!

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