From HW Nationals: ’96 Nissan 180SX Type X, RLC GULF Porsche 993, and the rest of the Hot Wheels upcoming models presentation…

There is a lot to report from our time here in Kentucky at Hot Wheels Nationals, and we will give a full report next week.  But because we want our readers to know, and because I have a 6 am flight, we will forgo all the jibber jabber and just get to the pics from tonight’s presentation from Mattel.

First off we apologize for the pics.  It is what the iPhone and my location in the room would allow.  But you get the idea I hope.

28 Models were unveiled tonight, and while there were many that caught our attention, three definitely stood out:

2015 New Models ’96 Nissan 180SX Type X:

This one is a mind-blower.  Completely unexpected (it was not included in the unveiling of the 2015 lineup), and insanely exciting.  Japan’s equivalent to the 240SX Fastback here in the US was designed by Dimitry Shakhmatov, and will be out in late summer/early fall.  More on this in a future post, but wow.  WOW!

2. Heritage Redline Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X:

The Hakosuka looks like a perfect mixture of a nostalgic Japanese car AND a nostalgic Hot Wheels.  It looks fantastic.

3. RLC Exclusive Porsche 993 GT2 in Gulf livery:

No explanation needed.

While these three may not have gotten the response from the audience here in Kentucky that they might get in Southern California or Japan, there is no doubt they will get a chunk of the collecting world giddy.

And there were plenty of other models to look forward to.  Here they all are (and again, sorry for the quality of the photos):

2015 Basic:


Retro Entertainment:

Pop Culture – Marvel (Pop Culture Star Wars was also announced, but not previewed):


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  1. Love those classic basic wheels on the cars from the Heritage line. Along with the specialized paint schemes, it looks as if those cars were made back in the 70's/80's.

    That Jag looks interesting and can't wait to for that Gulf Porsche. Seems anything with the Gulf livery put out by the RLC demands full attention and commands $$!!

  2. So, what about Mattel stating that MBX and HW would not do the same models, they are both doing the F-Type, both have done the Minivan and Mini saloon, to name just a small number.

  3. The 180SX is absolutely stunning! I suppose it is the “secret JDM” for 2015 that we had been talking about since last year. I am not that surprised though as I had already made a rough guess it was either a Toyota or a Nissan from the 80s or 90s, so I was right with the 90s Nissan part. One of my favourite Japanese cars from that decade thanks to NFS Underground 2 (memories!), I shall be looking out for this one!

    What does surprise me is the Jaguar Project 7. I wasn't expecting Hot Wheels to do an F-Type at all, let alone the Project 7. That is, and should be, Matchbox's department. And you can see why. Hot Wheels ruined yet another great car with the f***ed up up-slopped chin. Damn you, Hot Wheels! The age of playing on tracks is getting over. And with the growth of the internet, more people are interested in just having these cars rather than playing them on a track which wasn't made for these cars anyway. A good… no….. great opportunity wasted.

    The Porsche RLC, on the other hand, is where the main business is at. Absolutely spot-on and a Gulf livery on a Porsche is always welcome. The fact that its on a 993 GT2 Evo, a purpose-built race car, makes it even better! I am very interested in seeing the finished product. More of this than the pathetic Jag, please!

    Honorable mentions are the Heritage Hakosuka, Cadillac Elmiraj, DeLorean and the Superbird, which I suppose is not a new casting.

  4. I'll freak the day HW's produces an 1980's Mitsubishi Starion (Chrysler Conquest). I'd even like an updated version of the '82 Toyota Supra.
    I know MBX already produced a '90's Nissan 300ZX, but when was the last time you saw a new variation? Maybe it would be nice for HW's to run with a version.

  5. It seems you can't browse anywhere without someone being racist or discriminatory. I come on her to veiw my hobby not to be insulted. Yes I am a proud American and I know many cars. Unfortunately someone decided the eco system had a problem and we got cars that all basically look alike. That is not our fault blame the car makers. Have some respect for your fellow human beings. Remarks like those made are exactly what is wrong with this world. I have no control what my government dose to other countries to piss them off until after the fact and then I vote them out. So if lamley can not control offensive remarks like those maybe it's time for this American to move on!

  6. Hey John I don't want you to move on. Your comments are always insightful and thought out. You are a great contributor. I notice car guys will get competitive about their knowledge and many times it descends to personal insults. That is always too bad.

  7. I'm sorry, but if you think calling someone idiot is racist or discriminatory, you really don't know the definition of those words and you also don't know what an actual racist word is. People call each other idiot all the time. Heck, even I myself am a massive idiot. Doesn't mean I'm being racist. There are other people here talking about different things but they didn't bother with my comment. You did, therefore the problem would with you because you got offended. And people getting offended by tiny things is what is wrong with this world. That is one of the reasons why we can't have proper comedy Top Gear. Unfortunately, things aren't going to change and this is how the world is. I have to deal with it and I suggest you do as well.

    Oh, and FYI, I wasn't calling anyone out. I simply tried to correct a thing. Not my problem that you took my message wrong.

  8. Of course I know that. But calling a Silvia S13 a 240 is still a bit idiotic. Thats like calling a Lexus LS400 a Toyota Celsior. They share the same chassis and chassis name, don't they? They even look the same.

  9. Hotwheels needs to stop with race cars
    They always end up with the front chin raised
    Adults don't own tracks and kiddies like generic models
    So make up ya mind
    Either stop generics or make real cars

  10. No, it's like calling a first-gen LS400 or Celsior an XF10. Which they both are. Same chassis, sold in different countries as different names.

    In the states, S13 (first-gen chassis) and S14 (second-gen) are called 240sx. Because (1) 180 means 1.8L, and we didn't get the ce18det engine, and (2) 240 means 2.4L, and ours were all ka24de.

    The S13 was sold as the 180sx (Japan) 200sx (Europe, Australia, South Africa) and 240sx in the States. Newer model designations continue being just as confusing. For instance — the 200sx is also the name of the S14 and S15 in Australia, and the name of the S12 in the States (oy).

    As the S-chassis community is brotherly and worldwide, we all refer to our cars as S12/S13/S14/S15 to avoid confusion.

    The GT86/FR-S is about marketing, Scion was created as the peppy side of Toyota. Apparently, their marketing department crunched data and decided that the Toyota brand wasn't fashionable with the young US crowd anymore.

    BRZ is a BRZ – regardless that it is the same car, it is sold by Subaru.

    An Idiotic American

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