From Hot Wheels Nationals: Artwork for the upcoming new models and recolors revealed…

An update from Nationals here in Kentucky:

  1. Lexington is beautiful.  Hopefully I get more time to explore.
  2. Room-to-room deals seem to go all night.  My head hurts, and all I did was watch them go down.
  3. An elevator full of collectors can get really smelly really fast.
  4. There is so much stuff here:

Lastly, I finally got a chance to register this morning, and pick up the three convention models.  I will give them a full showcase as soon as I return home.
As a bonus, included in the registration packet was Hot Wheels poster #3 of 4, full of the next round of upcoming models, some of which we haven’t seen:
I would be happy to take a photo of any models you want me to, but here are some highlights, at least for us:

Lots to like, eh?  That Gulf ZR1 will go well with the other Gulf models we have seen the last couple of years, and we are very curious to see what the Elmiraj looks like.  
Alright, back to the festivities…

12 Replies to “From Hot Wheels Nationals: Artwork for the upcoming new models and recolors revealed…”

  1. I would like to see some more upcoming fantasy new models for 2015 since I'm curious of what they look like and if you can find the TH, I would appreciate it. Some night storm models if you could

  2. The Gulf ZR1 is simply a must-have.
    Very curious about how other variations will look like, red Riviera, black Mig Rig, white (or silver) 240Z and Caddy…

  3. Cadillac Elmiraj is a must have! One of the best looking Caddy concepts to come out for a long time. Hope it doesn't get the “nose-up” treatment.

    I'll take the Gulf ZR1 too. Got a feeling, based on the photo, that it'll have an orange plastic base, but hopefully that iconic blue paint job will help balance out the base color. Good example is the Shelby GT500 Super Snake:

  4. Really nice update I'll be looking out for them. Some of the stuff from the convention really nice too. I love the old stuff .I'll but beaters off scab bay and put my spin on them just to have them. Enjoy I know I'd be broke in an hour and then go nuts cause I'd see other stuff I want.

  5. Too bad about the elevator part. I guess when you cram that many people into an elevator, you're bound to have some body odor, but “really smelly” is not a good look for us HW collectors. That's why whenever I go somewhere in public, I'll already have my personal hygiene taken care of.

  6. Can anybody tell me where (and for how much) I could find those individual resealable clamshell cases? The clear ones in the third picture, just after the picture of the blue divided trays.

  7. The hardware containers crossed my mind as well. Very similar, although the ones in the picture are not identical to any I've seen in stores. That, and I'd have to use a lot of small hardware in order to have enough of these containers for my car collection…

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