First Look: Kyosho Bentley Continental GT3 & the other Supersports…

I love it when we get to show something special on Lamley.

Sometimes it is when we break the news about a new Hot Wheels model, sometimes when we have a model in hand that has been highly anticipated, but it is most fun when we can show a model that surprised us and will surprise you too.

And that is definitely the case with the Kyosho Bentley Continental GT3.  It falls in the “highly anticipated” and “surprise” categories.  We could not wait to have it in hand after seeing pics on Japan Booster.

And guess what arrived yesterday?

Yep, just what we thought.  The GT3…is………….awesome.  I mean, really awesome.

And that is a great thing for several reasons.  First, because Bentley is Bentley, and it hasn’t garnered that much excitement among the collector set.  This set definitely changes that.  And second, this set marks a full return for Kyosho to premium quality after a very frustrating hiatus.

A couple of years ago Kyosho switched factories, and it seemed that some of the releases afterwards were not on par with the quality of previous sets.  Wheels were too big, the bodies and details were sloppy, and there wasn’t much to the models.  The last Lamborghini set was the best example.  The models were terrible.

But they are back in a big way.  There isn’t a bad casting in the lot.  All are well proportioned and the detail work is fantastic.  Honestly the models are worth buying just for the taillights alone.  Go get one and you will see why.

And it starts with the GT3.  The Continental GT3 has been a hot model from the minute it was released.  Our friends at Japan Booster cannot keep them on the shelf.  (Find all the Bentley listings here.  UPDATE – Japan Booster has told us another GT3 auction will start in a few hours and you can get the GT3 when you buy the whole set.)

And it is worth the hype.  Everything is darn near perfect, from the ride height to decos to wheels to that jaw-dropping spoiler.  We don’t talk much about spoilers, but this one deserves its own photos:

Cool eh?

It’s a great model, and one of the best of 2015 so far.  Hopefully the photos do it justice.

And since we are in a Continental sort of mood, we decided to go all Continental today, with the Supersports and Supersports Convertible showcased as well.


(Find the Kyosho Bentleys at Japan Booster UPDATE – Japan Booster has told us another GT3 auction will start in a few hours and you can also get the GT3 when you buy the whole set.  It’s a toughie…)

Kyosho Bentley Continental GT3:

Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible:

Bentley Continental Supersports:

With the Matchbox Bentley:

With the Hot Wheels Bentley:

7 Replies to “First Look: Kyosho Bentley Continental GT3 & the other Supersports…”

  1. Wow thanks for posting these!! I have a set on the way and I cannot wait till it arrives. I love the GT3 and it is Stellar, but Im anticipating the Mulsanne, Arnage T and the Fluying Spur a bit more.

  2. I just picked up the GT3 last week and it's an amazing piece, Kyosho really got it on point. Out of the whole set it's the only one I picked up…but I might pick up the Arnage T. Thanks for the pictures, makes me appreciate the model a lot more!

  3. superb pictures! apart from the 15 standard issues, there is a hidden model: the continental supersports convertible in Black; and a website special model: the continental supersports in Matt black.

  4. Well, I have just bitten the bullet and bought the lot from the nominated seller, they look stunning, and cant wait for them to arrive – HOWEVER, because of the huge cost, i wont be able to eat or heat my home for the next 6 weeks…. LOL… – at least i will lose some weight. 🙂

  5. I was anticipating these so bad… too bad the brazilian economy went to the shitter in the time it took these cars to hit stores, and now I can't afford them anymore

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