The end-all of all Hot Wheels castings: The Blown Delivery…

We have thrown out the idea in the past of doing a full Lamley showcase series on the RLC cars.  It sounds like a great idea, but for us it would be nearly impossible.  We don’t have many of them here, and paying the amount of money required to acquire them is not something worth doing.

Hell, just trying to get all the Blown Deliveries might cost us close to $1000.  Not worth it.

But you know what is worth it?  Having at least ONE Blown Delivery in the collection.  Every Hot Wheels collector should.  Some will say “But I am all about JDM!” or “Muscle is my game!” or “I only collect the licensed cars!”  True, but next to your Skylines or your Camaros and Mustangs should be a Blown Delivery.  To us, it has passed the Drag Bus and any other casting as THE quintessential Hot Wheels model.

Apparently the Blown Delivery had been an idea of Mattel Designer Phil Riehlman’s for some time, and it finally came to fruition in 2010, to much applause.  The casting is massive, it is heavy, and it detailed.  And, don’t forget, it is beautiful.  Sure, there is a lot of love for the Drag Bus, but this is the premium of all premium models.

And thankfully Mattel has protected it.  We haven’t seen it released in every series every year.  It has stayed primarily an RLC or Convention model, with one foray as a Kmart mail-in.  There hasn’t been a bad design among all the releases, and it has even become a favorite of the most meticulous of customizers.

Which leads to another important point: YOU HAVE TO OPEN AT LEAST ONE BLOWN DELIVERY!!  The virtues of DLM might apply more to the Blown Delivery than any either other model.  It is a night and day difference once you open it.  You get a sense of how well the casting is designed, and how meticulous the design team is in decorating it.  Just try it.  It might hurt at first, but you won’t regret it once you do.

Let us show you.  These are the two in the Lamley collection, the 2011 Selections in blue, and the 2014 Real Riders in Hot Wheels blue, white and red, which we consider the best-looking BD of all.

It’s the only way to enjoy a Blown Delivery

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  1. I have all seven of the official RLC/Convention/Halloween Dream/Mail-In versions. I think I will open one of my duplicate Selections ones today. My favorite modern casting.

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