First Look: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan GT-R Nismo…

An interesting thing happened yesterday.

With the arrival of a new batch of Tomica Limited Vintage from Japan Booster, along with a shipment of Kyosho from Curitiba Customs, it was time once again to add some new models to the wall displays.

As I went through what I wanted to add, including some models that have been in the collection for some time, I decided it was finally time to remove the remaining Hot Wheels and Matchbox models from the wall displays.

No, I didn’t get rid of them, they just took their place next to the other HW/MB in the storage cases in my closet.  In the 17 months I have had the three displays, they have gone from 2 full cases of Hot Wheels and Matchbox, with a few TLV, to now 2.5 cases full of TLV, with the remaining slots occupied by Kyosho, Aoshima, Greenlight and Auto World models.  Here is a photo I took while filling the third display:

And damn the displays look good.  I will still have plenty of love for Hot Wheels and Matchbox, but for the sake of the wall displays, these are the models to go with.

It speaks to the quality of these brands, particularly Tomica Limited Vintage.  I am in so deep on TLV, and I am perfectly happy with it.  What a fun brand to collect.  And while some of you don’t get as excited about 70’s Cedrics and Glorias as much as I do, we know that most of you can get excited about TLV’s latest release, the Nissan GT-R Nismo.

Just look at this:

Click on that photo and go show it to a friend.  They will swear that what they are looking at is a photo of a real GT-R Nismo, not a model the size of a Hot Wheels car.  A little closer:

The black 6-spokes, the gold calipers (which stay still while the wheels move, like they should), the treaded rubber tires, the small “Nismo” logo on the rims, the red trim.  It goes on and on.  And that is without looking into the detailed interior.  The two GT-R’s TLV has released are nothing short of amazing.

And we can tell you collectors are sold.  Japan Booster has been selling out of these daily since their release a week ago.  Thankfully we convinced them to list more a couple of hours ago.  Have at it before they are gone (and remember buying both earns FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world):

Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan GT-R Nismo

We will get more in depth on the GT-R Nismo later this week, when we do a full look at all the GT-R’s in the Lamley collection.  For now, all we need to do is show the photos.  We think you will like what you see.  1:64 can’t get any better…

Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan GT-R Nismo:

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