The absolutely insane Kyosho displays at Curitiba Customs…

I could stare at these photos for hours.  Actually I have.

I have done several posts on the displays I am working on for my diecast collection, mainly Tomica Limited Vintage and Kyosho.  I have said I like the display to be clean, with just the models on display.  No packaging, just cars.

But as much as I aspire to make my displays clean and interesting, they will always pale in comparison to the Kyosho display at Curitiba Customs.

If you haven’t heard of Curitiba Customs, they are a Kyosho seller and cataloger out of Curitiba, Brazil.  We have used them in the past to acquire hard-to-find Kyoshos from year’s past, and we highly recommend them.  They are even working on an English site to make it easier for those who do not speak Portuguese to maneuver through the site.  They are currently working to create a full Kyosho Catalog, and they get shipments monthly of hard-to-find older Kyoshos that they sell on their website.  Might be odd, but this Brazilian seller might be the best way to get rare Kyoshos from Japan.  You can follow the links here:

Curitiba Customs Kyosho Catalog

Curitiba Customs Kyosho Store

Nonetheless, over time we have formed a friendship with Muriel over at Curitiba Customs, and we finally asked if we could share pics of his amazing display.  Happily, he obliged.

There is not much we need to say about what you will see, other than this is the best diecast display we have ever seen, by a mile.  It was built from scratch and Muriel, and his attention to detail is amazing, like the backlighting and especially with the way different colors move throughout the display.

This is something worth seeing, and hopefully we can trek down to Curitiba, where I lived the mid-90’s, and see this display in person.  You might want to as well.


(Thanks Muriel)

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  1. love those display and I can watch hours and drooling over my screen and desk… 😉
    love the Diablo GTR with Red Bull, is that custom?
    post more photos, please! (I could spend time on weekend!) 😛

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