The excellent Hot Wheels RLC Haul of Flame…

Shit.  You’ve got a meeting.  Corporate needs to talk to you.  You’ve spent the day in amongst your hipster bearded designer friends, but now its time to mingle with the suits.  But the suits won’t come to you.  You’ve got to go to them.

That means a trek from the Design Center to the Mattel corporate office.  You could walk, but hell, it’s LA, and that is not what you do.  So you take the transporter.  You might be a little surprised that the flames and Hot Wheels logo on the side don’t make this thing go any faster, but at least you don’t have to walk, which will allow you to save your energy for the treadmill later tonight.

All hail the Transporter!

Now if only the darn thing would take you home.  I mean we bought Matchbox, and back in the Lesney days in England that is what they did, and in a Double Decker at that!

And that has already been replicated on the Matchbox side:

Oh well, it might not bring you home, but it will get you back to the safety of the Design Center after that meeting over bad coffee and a Power Bar.

All hail the Transporter!!

Too bad your meeting was on Tuesday morning and you weren’t able to get online to order it.  At least there is eBay.

All hail the Transporter!!

Hot Wheels Haul of Flame (2015 RLC):

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  2. Personally, I like the original one on NEOs more. Not because it was on NEOs, but because I think the deco is so much better on the earlier release. Both releases are replicas of the real buses they have. This one is just what it was after they repainted the bus sometime last year or the year before.

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