First Look: Hot Wheels BMW M4, Chevy Super Volt, and another Batmobile…

Yes, normally I would just show the BMW M4.  But there are two other new models from Batch G that have garnered some interest, and since I would dedicate a whole post to them, I will tack them on here.

But methinks the BMW is what will interest our readers the most.  The 4 Series is what used to be the 3 Series Coupe.  BMW wanted to separate the two cars, and it benefitted Hot Wheels because they needed another BMW to release this year.

No complaints there, for the most part.  BMW was absent from the Hot Wheels and Matchbox lines for so long, so it has been great to see the ambitious output in the last few years.  There have been some hits and misses, but as long as the BMW’s keep coming, we are very happy about it.

As far as the M4 goes?  It’s fine.  The casting looks to be very well done (outside of a little upsloped-chin syndrome), and that is a fantastic color choice for the debut.  And yeah, the M4 is a fine looking car.  But it is a little boring, especially in 1:64 scale.  Yes, the real M4 would be a blast to drive, and it is a significant car.  I am glad to have a replica, and it will surely go into the collection, but it doesn’t have the oomph of the E30 or 2002, nor the uniqueness of the upcoming Matchbox M5 Police car.

I guess I am complaining too much.  It is actually really nice.  But as a suggestion, let’s go for the gold next time and do something like the 3.0 CSL:

That car gives me goosebumps.  The M4 would if I was driving one, not collecting it.

Oh hell, who am I kidding?  This is a really nice model.  I think I am just tired.

As far as the other two?  I love the idea behind the Super (Chevy) Volt.  A battery powered drag car is a great idea from Hot Wheels, and the execution is great.  You wonder if the Tesla coming later this year will be playing off the same thing, with Matchbox given the assignment to do a stock looking Model S.

The Arkham Knight Batmobile?  I am just showing pics before I dump it in the donate bin.

Enjoy the pics.  And as always, all these models, along with the rest of Batch G, are available at Wheel Collectors.

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  1. I like the BMW – not a car I'd buy for myself in 1:1 – but great as a model. I like the shark fin aerial. They look to have got the stance right although the printing of the lights and grille looks a bit off, sometimes I'll find a few versions of a car I want and go through them looking for the one with the best printing.

    “The 4 Series is what used to be the 3 Series Coupe. BMW wanted to separate the two cars,” ie they wanted to charge a premium for a car with fewer doors!

    The super volt – I'll probably get one although I'd rather a stock version or a BMW i3.

    Batmobile – not 100% keen.


  2. …You mentioned the “Beamer” 3.0, but don't forget the beautiful orange colored BMW 3.0 CSL from Lesney, produced from 76 to 81. They had other models too. A maroon 82 special box model , a white special Austriam Promotion model and the beautiful “Deutsch Polizei” in the traditional white and green colors. There were also Hungarian and Bulgarian versions of the BMM 3.0 CL . They're worthwhile having in any collection!

  3. One of the worst jobs on the tampo printing for the BMW. The headlights, grill and the tail lights… it looks on par with a 20c china-made fake hot wheels. Matchbox would have done a great job if only they are allowed to make “cars”.
    And that Volt is for “Hot wheels collectors”. No more comments.

  4. I find this appealing. I mean, among the other supercars, it's nondescript, low-profile even with the shade of blue used. I'd pick up two, if just to mod one and turn it into the M4 DTM racer.

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