Surprise! Kyosho 1:64 Nissan Skyline & GT-R Neo is now available at Japan Booster…

We have a treat for you Skyline fiends (we at Lamley included).

Our friends at Japan Booster just let us know that the brand new Kyosho Nissan Skyline & GT-R Neo set was just released, and it is now available at the Japan Booster store.

It has been a very long time since Kyosho did a Skyline set, and this is most welcome.  Models from the previous set are extremely hard to come by, and cost a pretty penny if found at all.  Not to mention, that set was released well before collectors in the US went Skyline crazy.  So this set could not have come at a better time.

And they pulled out all the stops.  There are 8 models in the set, in 3 colors each.  And the most popular Skylines are included, from the Hakosuka and Kenmeri to the DR30 (Iron Mask), R32 through R34, and the GT-R.  It is a near-perfect lineup.

Of course we are all over this and will hopefully have them soon to feature on the blog.

And they are ALL available at Japan Booster.  Follow the link to see them all.

Kyosho Nissan Skyline & GT-R Neo

Some that we are looking forward to:

6 Replies to “Surprise! Kyosho 1:64 Nissan Skyline & GT-R Neo is now available at Japan Booster…”

  1. Just saw that Japan Booster chose the auction model for this first batch of Skylines… Not sure we should be happy to see this seller selling the cars like this, trying to get more money from us…

  2. He seems to have used it to see which ones would get bids and for how much. Now he's set the Buy it Now prices based on those results. Clever perhaps, but it's not something we buyers like to see.

  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but anyone who has used Japan Booster knows there isn't a better seller. They take such good care of their buyers. I have seen them replace $200 models that were slightly damaged in transit free of charge. They individually wrap every model in the TLV box and then package every box in a protector. They ship TLV for free anywhere in the world on $50+ orders. They go the extra mile every time.

    Trying to figure out a proper market price for these doesn't bother me a bit. They need to make money too.

  4. Hi John,

    I absolutely agree with you. Japan Booster is a great seller, definitely one of the best out there. My comment was more to mention that I would like to see this seller staying this great seller that he is. I love buying from him because of the “no haggle” experience 😉 But as you said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, that was just mine 🙂

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