Just Unveiled: Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Supra 2.0GT Twin Turbo…

Tomica Limited Vintage has promised us an exciting 2015, and it appears they are coming through.

On the heels of the Nissan GT-R Nismo and N-Attack (which will start making their appearance at Japan Booster next month – be ready), TLV has just announced the Toyota Supra 2.0GT Twin Turbo.

This should be exciting news for many of you.  Anything “Supra” is a must-have for a good lot (including us).  And in true TLV fashion, they went with the often overlooked Mark III version from the late 1980’s.

This is the first model after Toyota separated the Celica and Supra names and made two completely different cars, released in 1986.  The Mark III got a facelift in 1991, and then a year later the ever-popular Mark IV was released.

So while we may be one of only a few JDM nerds in the US who will ogle over TLV’s brand new ’56 Toyopet Crown, TLV is making sure more of you can scratch that itch with models like the DR30 Skyline, Nissan IDx, GT-R Nismo, and now the Supra.

It will be released in June, in three styles – red, grey, and police livery from the Japanese Police serial, Taiyo ni Hoero:

Of course that is not all for the June batch.  Joining the Supras will be three Nissan Cedrics, one in Tokyo Taxi livery, another in blue, and a Special 6:

Yes, we are looking forward to all.  You?

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