Surprise! Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch K, Matchbox 2015 Batch B, and Greenlight Hitch & Tow Series 2 are all now out at Wheel Collectors…

Well when it rains, it poors.

We don’t think Matt and the gang over at Wheel Collectors woke up this morning knowing they would be fishing through two large pallets, but that is what happened.  Not only did Greenlight send over a pallet full of the highly anticipated Hitch & Tow Series 2 plus many others, but Mattel did the same, sending Hot Wheels Basic Batch E (more on that in a bit), Matchbox Batch B, and the most exciting of all, Cool Classics Batch K.

Why are we so excited about Cool Classics?  We have been more than vocal about the fact that we think the Cool Classics are rather drab.  But in true Mattel fashion, they have saved the best for last.  Between the VW Fastback, Honda S2K, Ford GT, Hurst Olds, and ’69 Mustang 302, there isn’t a weak model in the bunch.  And that goes for Batch L as well, out in March, with two Datsuns and a slew of others.

So here is the question, and it is is the same question we seem to ask with every Hot Wheels premium line: With the pegwarming tendencies of the previous Cool Classics, will Batch K and L even make it to the stores?  We have no idea, but we could be facing yet another HW Racing, Boulevard, and Flying Customs situation.  And that is too bad.

Thankfully Wheel Collectors has it, and you can buy the whole set if you would like.

But as nice as those Cool Classics are, we don’t want them to overshadow the Greenlight Hitch & Tow.  Series 2 is just as fabulous as Series 1, if not better.  The Monaco/Airstream is a total treat, as is the C10 and Bronco.  We anticipate this series being very popular, so grab what you want now.  Greenlights seem to be more of a dealer product outside of Toys R Us, and Wheel Collectors has made sure the prices are affordable.

So while our friends continue to filter through all of today’s goodies, here are links to what they have posted so far.  Grab them while you can:

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Case K

Greenlight Hitch & Tow Series 2

Greenlight Country Roads Series 12

Greenlight Hollywood Series 8

Matchbox 2015 Case B

4 Replies to “Surprise! Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch K, Matchbox 2015 Batch B, and Greenlight Hitch & Tow Series 2 are all now out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Think its time that fastback makes the mainlines. Yes a squareback would also make wagon Wendsday I'm sure.

    How are we getting MB recolors before any new models? Come on MB new models please….

  2. The way the Fastback is designed, it will never be a mainline casting again after the 2008 New Model. Like the Ghia, it was more or less designed for premium use only.

  3. While I think it won't happen, I am hoping these last 2 batches of Cool Classics show up at Target stores. Locally, the series never stayed on pegs for long, there were not many peg warmers at all. I think this was due to Target's pricing on the series was no more than $3 per car, but still.

    Either way I am getting these, as I have a deal for the last 2 cases. Extras from Target, however, are indeed welcome. Especially with my customizing tendencies lately.

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