Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels US D Case…

Another case report for your enjoyment.  Or not.  We just got the US D Case from Wheel Collectors, and we will see what is inside.

The 2015 HW D Case has been one we have been interested in opening.  Yeah, of course we would love to pull the Ferrari 599XX Super TH, but it seems to us the mainline version has been very popular as well.  Maybe because it looks better than the Super, maybe because collectors want to grab the last Hot Wheels Ferrari they will see in awhile, or maybe it just came in small numbers.

Time to find out.

Something else we are interested about.  According to the folks at Wheel Collectors, and from other online dealers who get cases.  The care that Mattel employees are putting into the packaging of these cases has been, at best, pretty awful.  Cards are bent separators are askew, and it appears things have just been forced in.  We want to see if we see the same thing.  Let’s take a look.

As always, we show them as we pull them, 3-by-3.


Hot Wheels 2015 US D Case:

The case looks good from the outside:

Hmmm, things look a little forced, but not horrible.

Alright, definitely a misaligned separator:


Regular TH alert.  It escaped the card damage:

Uh-oh again:

Ah man, the Civic is the one car that took the brunt of the damage.  And it is the only one in the case.

Error alert:

So there it is.  Definitely some careless packing, and unfortunately some damage to the only Civic in the case.  No Super, but I don’t expect to find one.  That makes it more fun when I actually do find one.

Your thoughts?

7 Replies to “Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels US D Case…”

  1. Way better assortment than the international cases; seems to be lots of carry over from C case (or else I just don't know my D case cars outside of a couple). Shame about the damage to the cards, but they are only $1 right

  2. Only ones from this mix I have yet to find are the 2015 Ford F150, Ferrari 599XX, and the purple Charger 500 with a decent stripe. And yet to find the pedal car.

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