Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International D Case…

Yesterday we promised that we would post our choices for the 2014 Lamley Awards today.  That was before we decided to leave Tucson, Arizona this morning and drive all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our Lamley Award post isn’t complete, and frankly after being in the car all day it doesn’t seem that appealing to finish it.  So we will postpone it one day.

We did make a few stops, including Lee’s Ferry and this very productive visit to the pegs at a Walmart along the way:

But, after all the driving, we did return home to find we have something relevant to post: A Case Report!

Our friends at Wheel Collectors just received their shipment of Hot Wheels 2015 D Case, and as always, they put one aside to document its unboxing.  It is always a random selection, so no one know what will be in the case.  Maybe a Super, maybe not, but they open it and photograph the contents, and we show it.

Before we start, we should let you know that besides the Hot Wheels D Cases, Wheel Collectors also received a large shipment of the Hot Wheels Pop Culture 2015 B Case.  This is quite the batch, with the Drag Bus, Chevy Panel, and A100 Van included.  Not to mention a growing stock of Greenlight.  You can find them all here:

Hot Wheels 2015 D Case

Hot Wheels Pop Culture 2015 B Case


Alright, on with the case report:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch D, as pulled 3-by-3:

An interesting case.  No 599XX Super, and no 599XX mainline either.  Wheel Collectors did find the 599XX in other cases, but we wonder if the numbers initially on the 599XX will be lower.

Other than that, no new castings to get too excited about, but some castings returning to the mainline look pretty good.  Your thoughts?

7 Replies to “Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International D Case…”

  1. Strangely I saw most of these on strips in the Preston UK branch of Waitrose. Bought a few. Rarely is the UK upto date with the US, particularly just after Christmas. All marked G44 underneath. Still waiting to see the orange Porsche Turbo. Chris

  2. That poor poor Bentley, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IT, I am sure that bentley would not have agreed to that Surely ?

    i just wish i could get hold of each case as it is released, that way i can have all the model i want rather than trying to find them and failing.

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