2014 Lamley Awards: Reader’s Choice Results…

The 2014 Lamley Awards got off to a good start, right?

After our announcement of the 2014 Lamley Custom of the Year, the next few posts should be pretty tame.  But hopefully just as interesting.  Here is what you have to look forward to this week as we close out 2014:

Monday – 2014 Lamley Awards Reader’s Choice Results

Tuesday – 2014 Lamley Awards Lamley’s Choice Results

Wednesday – 2014 Lamley Awards Best Diecast Models of the Year

Thursday – 2014 Super Treasure Hunt Experiment recap

It should be pretty fun, and we hope you enjoy the write-ups.

So as promised, the 2014 Lamley Reader’s Choice Awards.  Over the last few weeks, we asked Lamley readers to vote for their favorites (and least-favorites) in several categories, all Hot Wheels-related.  So this becomes the most cut-and-dry Lamley Awards post of all.  You voted based on whatever criteria you were most comfortable with, and we are posting the results.  Of course many of you will not agree, but after thousands of votes, the readers have definitively spoken.

Of course this cannot be scientific.  We posted the polls, and we asked you to vote, but this is obviously based on Lamley readers.  Thankfully the Lamley worldwide audience has grown quite a bit, so we can assume the results represent some sort of slice of the collector community, but there are too many factors that keep it from being a clean representation.

What we can take from the results is the fact that certain groups of collectors are more passionate about what they like than other groups of collectors.  For example, while many clamored last year that Lamley’s JDM bias would mean non-JDM models would not be well represented, the Hot Wheels ’55 Gasser took the Best New Model award.  There was a strong group of collectors passionate about that model, and they made sure their voice was heard.

So here we go.  Each category is listed, with the winners announced along with the two runners-up in each.  Let us know what you think.  Did the reader’s get it right?  And how will it differ from Lamley’s choices, which will be posted tomorrow?

Let’s find out.  Once again, these are the Reader’s Choices, based on the polls we posted on the blog over the last few weeks:

Best Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt:

  1. ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon (32%)

  2. ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (20%)

  3. Chevrolet SS (6%)

Best Hot Wheels Licensed New Model: 

  1. Porsche 934 RSR Turbo (15.2%)
  2. Datsun 620 (14.85%)
  3. 1990 Honda Civic EF (14%)

Best Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt:
  1. ’12 Ford Fiesta (28.5%)
  2. Custom El Camino (28.2%)
  3. Subaru WRX STi (20%)

Worst Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt:
  1. Twin Mill (36%)
  2. Sandblaster (15%)
  3. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (14%)

Worst Hot Wheels Licensed New Model:
  1. Max Steel Turbo Racer (49%)
  2. Jetsons Capsule Car (6%)
  3. Porsche Panamera (5%)

Hot Wheels Model of the Year:
  1. ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt (25%)
  2. Porsche 934 RSR Turbo New Model (12.2%)
  3. ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser Super Treasure Hunt (11.7%)
So, what do you think?  Many of these are predictable.  The Datsun Wagon Super was bound to win a category or two just based on all the attention it got towards the end of 2014.  The rarity of the 2013 Boulevard didn’t hurt as well.  The Gasser Super was also hugely popular, as was the Porsche 934, but no model caused a stir like the Datsun Wagon Super.  To us it is a highly deserving choice for Model of the Year.
But there are some surprises as well.  We would not have predicted the Chevy SS would make the Top 3 for Supers, but it did.  To us, that speaks to the passion of Brazilian collectors, who wanted to make sure a Brazilian-themed Super got some proper attention.  We also thought the Civic EF might take best New Model based on the attention it got upon its release, but it looks like the Porsche ended up grabbing more attention.  And the Fiesta over the El Camino for best Regular TH?  That was definitely not expected, although the Fiesta won by less than 10 votes.
Lastly, we will do something we shouldn’t and rib our readers a bit.  We love you to death, and are so glad you read the blog regularly, but your choices for Worst Super and Worst New Model were LAZY!  Of course the Twin Mill would win Worst Super, it was the only fantasy model in the group. But was there a Super you were looking forward to that just didn’t bring it?  Maybe not, so we will accept the Twin Mill.
But the Max Steele racer?  Maybe the New Licensed Model you care about the least, but worst?    We were hoping you would look at Worst Model as Most Disappointing.  Many people didn’t like the Panamera casting, and it made the Top 3, so we will give you that.  But were you more passionate about your hatred for the Max Steele Racer?  We went the Most Disappointing route for our choice, and we will share that tomorrow.  We hope it is a little more exciting, but we can’t argue with the landslide.
All in all, these choices reflect the year that was for Hot Wheels.  What do you think of the results?  Any glaring omissions?

10 Replies to “2014 Lamley Awards: Reader’s Choice Results…”

  1. If most of these are surprising, then you don't know the HW collecting world, haha.

    It's a shame the Twin Mill is so disliked in the overall collecting community. It's a defining HW casting, a classic design that has been around since 1969.

    The only surprise to me is the Panamera in the worst new model list. I mean, Matchbox already had the stock one, HW had to do something to make theirs a bit different. I thought it was a rather good model. Not one of the best Porsche castings right now, but a nice one. Definitely not as horrid as that Boxster.


  2. I don't like the tampos on the SS, but maybe you don't know that Brazil is the 2nd market for Hot Wheels in the world (or was until very recently) and the SS is a brazilian car called Opala. I believe many brazilians voted for it.

  3. The Datsun Wagon was bound to win Best Super of 2014. The two Chevys that came after though, I didn't quite expect that.

    For the licensed New Model, according to the votes I saw last week, I thought the Datsun would take it (because of how JDM crazy collectors have been in 2014), with the Civic in second and Porsche third, although I still voted for the latter because its my favourite of the trio But no! My prayers sorta came true and the 934 came out on top! Thank you all those who voted and made the Turbo the winner.

    For the Best Regular and and Worst Super, the Best was the Fiesta over the Camino? Really? Wow. I'm amazed. I knew the Twin Mill would win (or loose. Depends on how you want to put it). My reason is that the Mill was never a collector aimed model. It was made for children. So why bother making it a Super hunt and wasting so much effort, time and money for basically nothing?

    As for the Max Turbo Racer, well…. talk about uninspiring models. Yeah, you get that. Its definitely not a model I was keen on in the first place or was going to buy, but something about that model just doesn't cut it. Maybe because the model itself is boring or the execution is. Anyway, I knew it would win and that the Panamera would make the top 3. After looking at the Matchbox version, the Hot Wheels does fail is a quite a lot of areas which I shall not mention right now because I don't want look like I'm ranting.

    Finally, well done Datun Wagon for winning Model of the Year 2014! A well deserved win! And I'm glad the Porsche came second. How could it not? As for the Gasser, another well deserved third place. Very nice. Can't wait to see the next post! I could start guessing now. Would be a good game…

  4. The thing with the Twin Mill is, while it might not appeal to diecast collectors as a whole, the casting appeals to those who are Hot Wheels collectors, especially those that like the old school. The casting is such an iconic design for Hot Wheels, the company commissioned to have a 1:1 built. It was brought back as part of the 1993 25th anniversary after being dormant for about 10 years and has been in constant use since. It had 3 stand alone releases for HWs 30th anniversary. It was chosen to be one of the top 40 models in the Since 68 line.

    So it is not really a wasted $TH. But its appeal is limited in the broader sense.

  5. Well the Supers are right on the money. The Twin Mill may be unliked however the Twin Mill is to HW what a great QB is to a football team. It's a franchise player it's a classic. Now it's not one of my favorite castings but when this casting was introduced it forever changed diecast cars. Things became more outrageous which made some models so sought after to this day. The Twin Mill is Hot Wheels, it should had been a TH long ago and then retired.
    As for the Bel Air should had been 3 is rediculious! That casting represents a time in automotive greatness. The Camaro was plain and the only thing that made that casting was the paint and wheels! The Datsun wagon is just a casting that was so underproduced that everyone loves it. I love it too love to have one. This model for whatever reason weather its customizers or whatever is gobbled up quicker than turkey on Thanksgiving. Dose it deserve #1 not sure but the top three are right.
    I personally think the Datsun pick up was the best new model. I willing to bet it sold more then any other new model.
    Worst is fine with me although there is probably worse. Well til next year keep all the articals coming and thanks for your time and information…

    !!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR LAMLEY!!!!!!

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