December 22nd Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…

Ambassador’s Report December 22nd, 2014
By: Larry Scaduto

Well….this is my last report of 2014. I’m glad I was able to squeeze one more in before the holidays. I have a nice selection of 2015 releases for this issue and I also have another Supreme Heroes model to preview as well. My PrePro’s section has a red and green theme for the holiday season. Hope you like the models pictured. Plus, I’ve just added Batch P. All images and articles are presented here with the consent and permission of Mattel and the Matchbox Team. I would like to wish everyone out there reading my reports a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! Happy Holiday’s and Thank You. Best Regards, Larry (ambassador #10)

Well it’s time to look under the Mattel Christmas Tree to see what’s new for 2015
First model is the MB968 Bay Brigade 1st Edition Basic Core release

Next item under the tree is the MB802 Caterham R-500 in a stunning black & green color combination. This in my opinion is the best it has ever looked and it is a 9/10 Pack exclusive. 
Here we have 3 Basic Core Models, first the MB937 Urban Tow Truck
And second is the MB894 Turn Tamer
……and lastly the MB634 Ford GT40 (Nice to this one back in the lineup)
And I haven’t forgotten the Sky Buster Collector’s…. here is the SB107 Sky Scorcher 
Here is the next Supreme Heroes release
MB755 Pierce Dash Fire Engine 

Here is a picture of the actual Aurora Fire Truck. The town of Aurora is just about 20 miles from my home. Nice to see local representation in the Supreme Heroes Series!!

  • Will the MB809 Infiniti Coupe be used in 2015? No, but it will be included in the 2016 line.
  • BMW has a 100 Year Anniversary coming in 2016. Does Matchbox have plans to celebrate this milestone? This is something we can consider.   Thanks for the information.
  • Many luxury automakers are looking into making SUV’s for the future (Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati, & Aston Martin) Does the team have any plans to look into any new luxury SUV’s for the line? We are always looking at potential models such as these.
  • When will you announce what the new secret European model for 2015 will be? We can announce this now.  It will be the Jaguar F-type Coupe.
  • Will we see more heritage classics for 2015 compared to 2014? Yes we are adding a few more.
  • Why was there a name revision on the BMW 1M? It was changed to BMW M1 at the licensors request.
In the spirit of the holiday season, all PrePro’s are either red or green. 
MB14 ISO Grifo is red with unpainted metal Lesney base (No. 8 label)
MB43 0-4-0 Steam Loco with plastic Macau base (National Garden Festival) 
MB37 Matra Rancho in red with charcoal grey metal Lesney base. Model also features unfinished date and no base number along with black interior and tailgate. 
Here I have the MB70 Ferrari 308 GTB in a light metallic green with matching metal Lesney England base. With an unfinished date 198… and unfinished model number No.#
Lastly, I’m featuring the MB60 Toyota Supra in red w/white hatch & cream Lesney England plastic base.

Matchbox Speed Shooter
Let’s go back to 1985 with the introduction of the Matchbox Speed Shooter. I’ve included the original commercial to show you how it works. I’m certainly not going to use mine!!! It’s in mint condition!!! I know….spoken like a true collector!!!!! I’ve had this set for over 20 years. It was a wonderful addition to the Superfast series. (The video is real blurry) 

            Next month we go Under the Sea 

                                                    …..In my History Section
Batch M
                       1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP                             #118 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500
Batch N
                              #65 Road Raider                                                    #109 Seed Shaker
                       #59 Jungle Crawler                                    #33 Highway Maintenance Truck
                                        #56 Vantom                                                       #58 ATV 6×6  
                             #69 MBX Coupe                                                   #64 Jeep Hurricane 
#54 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
Batch P
                                        #20 Scraper                                                      #32 Quarry King
                               #62 Dune Dog                                                         #66 Blaze Blaster
                          #61 Coyote 500                                          #63 Volkswagen Beetle 4×4
                       #39 4×4 Scrambulance                                                #28 Trail Tipper 
                                                                         Dodge A100       
                                                          #93 Subaru Impreza WRX
Models purchased through Tom Sarlitto of….
2015 McLaren 650S
Hyundai i20
2013 Ford Fiesta ST
Volkswagen Atacama
1990 Jaguar XJR-1
Honda Pilot
Volkswagen Vision Gran Turismo
In this week’s misc. section I’m featuring the Matchbox displays of John F. Falk. Here’s a little something about how he obtained some of his models…. I got 119 very fine condition matchbox cars in 2 cases about 5 summers ago. 200 bucks later and they were mine. Since then I have increased my collection by leaps and bounds. In the one picture I have a framed project using images from catalogues. I trade with a guy in England and that is one way I have increased and gotten quite a few castings. I love your site. I get so much great info. Thanks for all you do for this hobby. Thanks. John F. Falk (Ambassador’s Note: Thank you for the compliment along with your story and pictures of your collection)  

Need to reach me? Please send questions to:
Matchbox Gathering Registration & Information
Thank you for your interest in the 2015, 13th Annual Matchbox Collectors International Gathering of Friends Toy Vehicle Convention, brought to you by Route 66 Promotions and sponsored by the Mattel Matchbox Team.
Registration starts 1, Jan 2015 midnight MST. (Please no earlier)
The Convention will be held July 17th-July 19th 2015 at the Albuquerque Marriott, 2101 Louisiana Blvd. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America.  Phone:  001 (505) 881-6800

The event includes:

  *    The Mattel Matchbox Design and Marketing Team from El Segundo California.
  *    The top collectors from around the world.
  *    Exciting presentations form world renowned experts in the world of Matchbox.
  *    A Sit down Dinner followed by a Mattel Mini Line Preview Presentation by the Mattel Team.
  *    Charity auction featuring many proto types as well as a large selection of models and memorabilia donated  

        by Mattel and collectors from around the world.
  *    Huge Sunday Toy Show.
  *    Custom displays from novice to expert.
  *    First responder vehicle show featuring, Albuquerque Police, Albuquerque Fire Department, Bernalillo 
       County Fire Department, SWAT and Bomb Squads as well as many others.
  *  Come meet old friends and make new ones.  This event is all about the friends we make and hobby we share.

Please read and complete the following to secure your spot at the event!

To select which of the following you would like to purchase, please complete and return the registration form.

Dinner and Auction:
Saturday 18th July 2015.  5:30pm

The dinner is limited to 125 guests.  Only the 1st 75 paid guests receive a special limited 75 piece run model. They may purchase the 2nd run model.  All other paid dinner guests receive a limited second variation of the 75 piece run model.
Admission includes dinner, participation in auction, early admission to Toy Show on Sunday, July 19th, and an exclusive Code 1 dinner model (1 of no more than 250 produced).  Must be present to receive models, they cannot 

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Table(s) for Toy Show:  Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Table selection is available on a first come, first served basis. 

By purchasing tables, you agree to the following:

  • Set-up time is 8-9:30AM, Sunday, July 19th.  Set-up must be completed by 9:30AM
  • No take down prior to 3PM
  • There is a limit of two people admitted per paid table reservation
  • Vendors and guests must wear provided badges while in the show
  • You will be directed to your space upon arrival
  • You must have a badge to be admitted to the toy show prior to 10AM on Sunday. 
  • There are no refunds after July 1st, 2015,       no exceptions
  • the promoters and/or sponsors CANNOT accept any liability for items lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise. 
I would like to reserve _____________   dinner guest places @ US$75 per guest on 18th July 2015.

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Please choose from the following options:  
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•  :  All Pay Pal payments MUST ADD 5% to cover Pay Pal fees.

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Hotel Reservations: 
For Hotel Reservations:   Call 001 (505) 881-6800


Mention Route 66 die cast convention code DIE.  Or Die Cast Show

2015 Convention rate is US$100/night per room.


                        Convention Calendar of Events 
     Friday 17, July 2015 
            2pm – 5pm Registration in Lobby “Get together and begin in Room Trading. (Door Hangers and room trading  
                    participant info available upon registration.) (Contact Bill Burgess for badges if you miss these times)
5:30pm -7pm –Meet and Greet – (Beverages and cake) Sponsored by the Matchbox® Team.  Come meet the Matchbox®  Team from El Segundo
7pm – ??? In room trading–Be sure to sign up at the registration table in the lobby. (Room numbers available by elevator.)
     Saturday 18, July 2015 
9am-10am Registration in the Lobby. (Contact Bill Burgess for badges if you miss these times)
10am – 4pm and 9-12am In room trading– (Room numbers available by elevator.)
      Workshops (To be announced)
     5pm – 7pm Dinner  Sandia Ball Room (Pre-Paid Reservations only)
     7pm – 9pm Auction (Pre-Paid Reservations required.  See registration form)
     9pm – on  In Room Trading. (see participant list by main elevators)
     Sunday 19, July 2015 
     11am-2pm Visit the our First Responder display in the WEST parking lot. (This is a change from 2013)
     8am – 10am Set up for Toy Show – Grand Ball Room
           (9am Early Bird floor rights $10 per person) – Grand Ball Room
     10am-3pm Matchbox® Play Area open – Grand Ball Room 
     10am-11am Autograph session Matchbox Designers and Marketing Representatives will be signing your favorite  
          Matchbox items.
10am – 3pm Toy Show and Sale. (Admission $3 under 10 free w/adult)
Save the Date for 2016. Dates to be announced

4 Replies to “December 22nd Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…”

  1. Nicely written report. Lots of pics. Caterham is fantastic. GT40 is a typical matchbox.
    Tow truck is surprisingly attractive too. Excellent tampo treatment on the Supreme Heroes Pierce. It simply can't get better. Having said that those rims are disappointing. These looked ok on the Explorer police, but do not look good on a truck. Matchbox has done some great realistic wheels in the past – remember a very short-run truck wheels that they put on the 2008 Garbage truck? Those were fantastic. Matchbox designers are capable of doing a lot more better wheels than this IMO.

  2. The Pierce will be a nice addition as long as they sell that range in the UK (Wont be holding my breath though), teh Ford, its ok, not my favourite, teh Caterham, BRING IT ON, but in a 9 pack, ok, I wont be getting that as no where sells them near me anymore.

    As for the Jag, at last, i can speak about it, I have a very very good friend that works for Jaguar, and he knows i am a collector so tipped me the wink this was coming, all we need now is for the Evoque to actually make an appearance.

    Other than that, the rest of teh new realeases are poo, and wont be coming home with me anytime soon.

  3. The Pierce looks good. But I also agree those wheels aren't working for me on the fire engines. I wonder if there are plans to use them down the road on a street car series. (hint hint.).

    I like the A100 casting a lot. I do wish they had stayed more stock in the releases for a while. But if they were going down this path then this one needs some sport wheels. Give us a white and red version with 5 spokes for a little hot rod.


  4. Surprise report! Wow! I love it! Lots of really nice models in there. The Caterham is looking bright, though the colour combination isn't not my cup of tea (green interior? really?). But the star is definitely the GT40! Thats a fantastic casting that hasn't been used for a long time and was dying to come back. I'm glad that its back! And it looks great here in yellow. I hope its in the mainline and not a pack exclusive. The Pierce Dash fire truck looks very nice and seeing how nicely they've replicated the real livery is just Matchbox at their best. I am just as excited to know that the Infiniti will return in 2016. A much needed return after only one version and then vanishing away for 4 years. But the news I'm most interested in is the JAGUAR F-TYPE coming next year! YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a car I've wanted Matchbox to make ever since it was released and I even sent the convertible version as a request to Larry a few weeks ago and he even featured it in one of his recent reports. I am so, so happy with this! I can't wait to see it in person. What a great Christmas present!First the 4C and now this. These two are cars I absolutely love and whoever decided to make these models, I thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And have a very Happy Christmas everyone!

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