Greenlight is coming to Lamley in 2015, and is now available at Wheel Collectors…

Should we or should we not feature Greenlight?

We have debated this for awhile now.  We have heard from many collectors asking us to incorporate Greenlight into the Lamley Blog.  Their reasoning?  If you are so obsessed with Tomica Limited Vintage, and have covered a smattering of Auto World, why would you not cover Greenlight?

Good question.  And we have gone back and forth on it for awhile.  It seems there is not enough time for us to cover all we want to, and adding a whole other brand seems a little daunting.  But then again, some of Greenlight’s offerings are as good as anything you can find in 1:64.  But Lamley’s love for JDM is clear to anyone who reads the blog, so why jump into a brand that focuses mainly on American cars?  Well, because they are awesome.

See?  We could go on forever.  But then we saw the Hitch & Tow series.

As soon as we saw that Greenlight had created an Airstream trailer in 1:64, and paired with an Impala and Monaco, and then put them alongside other great car/trailer pairings, we were sold.  Dreams of Airstreams towed by Monacos driving alongside Toyota Crowns danced in our heads.

We wanted to showcase Greenlight on the blog, and badly.

The problem is Greenlight is near impossible to find around here, so trying to stay up with current releases would be very difficult.  So we called our friends at Wheel Collectors.  Funny, Matt at WC told us, we just secured a deal with Greenlight.

Perfect!  Wheel Collectors is now carrying Greenlight, and we can use them to showcase those Hitch & Tow models, and upcoming Breaking Bad castings, like we have wanted to do.  Let’s just say we are very excited.  So look for Greenlight to make a splash on Lamley in 2015.

In the meantime, Wheel Collectors has already listed their first shipment of Greenlight, including Hitch & Tow Series 1, and they are available now:

Greenlight at Wheel Collectors

We know many of you are already fans, but we think those that aren’t will find a lot to like.  We have made it clear that we are not sold on everything they do, but Hitch & Tow we are in on 100%.

Here’s to a fun beginning to 2015…

3 Replies to “Greenlight is coming to Lamley in 2015, and is now available at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. The biggest issue with GL is their steamroller wheels. I don't know what they're thinking. JL had the same issue with some models, which is why Auto World is such a breath of fresh air.

  2. I like both Greenlight and Auto World but even though they say their 1/64 they do not match up to HW MB. For that reason I don't buy them. It's a shame because they do make some really nice stuff but I like to keep my stuff uniform in size. I hated when MB made those over size cars that towered over HW. Greenlight did make that International wheel lift tow truck but never was able to get my hands on one to evaluate the size…

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