Our thoughts on the 2015 Hot Wheels Mainline, and we guess the remaining 8 Supers…

Have you geeked out as much as we have?

The 2015 Hot Wheels Mainline has been released, and we know a lot of you are diving in deep like it was a Supreme Court opinion, analyzing every detail.  Considering that is our job here at Lamley, we did as well.  (Like how we say it was because it is our job?  We geeked out as much as anyone.)

So, after looking at all 250 models, here is the list again, with our observations, good and bad, listed afterwards:

(And yeah, we eliminated the segments.  We don’t care about the segments.)

2015 Hot Wheels Mainline

  1. Speed Dozer™
  2. Turbine Time™ (New Model)
  3. Cool-One® 
  4. Chill Mill™ (New Model) 
  5. Backdrafter™ (New Model) 
  6. So Plowed™  
  7. Fast Gassin® 
  8. Cockney Cab™ II  
  9. Mig Rig® 
  10. Street Cleaver® 
  11. ’10 Ford Shelby GT500™ 
  12. ’09 Corvette® ZR1™ 
  13. Great Gatspeed™ (New Model)
  14. D-Muscle™ (New Model) 
  15. ’71 Buick® Riviera™ 
  16. ’83 Chevy® Silverado™ 
  17. Honda S2000 
  18. ’71 El Camino™ 
  19. ’69 Dodge Charger 500 (New Model)
  20. Custom ’77 Dodge Van 
  21. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 
  22. Super Volt (New Model)
  23. Lamborghini Urus (New Model) 
  24. BMW M4 (New Model) 
  25. Cadillac® Elmiraj™ (New Model)
  26. Volkswagen Beetle 
  27. ’67 Austin Mini Van 
  28. Hiway Hauler® 2 
  29. Bread Box® 
  30. Mad Manga® 
  31. Preying Menace™ 
  32. Scorpedo® 
  33. Eevil Weevil® 
  34. Tomb Up® 
  35. Knight Draggin’™ 
  36. Bad Ratitude™  
  37. Super Stinger® 
  38. Piranha Terror® 
  39. Sharkruiser® 
  40. Steer Clear™ (New Model)
  41. Name TBD (New Model)
  42. 4Ward Speed® 
  43. U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701
  44. RocketFire® 
  45. Name TBD (New Model)
  46. Rescue Duty® 
  47. Combat Medic® 
  48. Canyon Carver® 
  49. Ford Mustang GT Concept 
  50. Fiat 500 
  51. 5 Alarm 
  52. Propper Chopper® 
  53. H2GO 
  54. Speed Trap® 
  55. Super Van 
  56. The Simpsons Family Car (New Model)
  57. THE JETSONS Capsule Car 
  58. The Homer 
  59. Snoopy 
  60. Name TBD (New Model)
  61. BATMAN™: Arkham Knight Batmobile (New Model)
  62. Batmobile™ 
  63. Batmobile™ 
  64. Arkham Asylum Batmobile 
  65. Batman Live! Batmobile 
  66. MR11 
  67. Torque Twister™ 
  68. Tee’d Off 2™(New Model)
  69. Fast FeLion® 
  70. Muscle Tone® 
  71. Surf Crate 
  72. Custom ’62 Chevy® 
  73. Kool Kombi 
  74. Pedal Driver™ (New Model)
  75. Loopster™ (New Model)
  76. Fast 4wd 
  77. ’08 Lancer Evolution 
  78. ’12 Ford Fiesta 
  79. Off Track® 
  80. Morris Mini 
  81. HW450F® 
  82. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy® 
  83. Street Stealth™ (New Model)
  84. Sand Stinger®  
  85. Tred Shredder™ 
  86. Sting Rod™ II 
  87. Invader® 
  88. Bad Mudder® 2 
  89. Enforcer®  
  90. The Haulinator™ (New Model)
  91. Cloud Cutter® 
  92. Mad Propz® 
  93. Fast Fortress® 
  94. Sky Knife® 
  95. Jet Threat® 4.0 
  96. Rip Rod® 
  97. Mountain Mauler® 
  98. Hot Wheels® Ford Transit Connect 
  99. Team Hot Wheels® Corkscrew Buggy 
  100. Bull Whip™ (New Model)
  101. Jeep® CJ-7 
  102. Land Crusher™
  103. Hover Storm™ (New Model)
  104. Aero Pod™ (New Model) 
  105. Humvee® 
  106. Tread Air® 
  107. RD-02® 
  108. Rockster® 
  109. Ice Shredder™ (New Model)
  110. Snow Stormer™ (New Model)
  111. Quicksand™
  112. Project Speeder™ 
  113. Mad Splash® 
  114. Carbonic™ 
  115. HW Poppa Wheelie™ 
  116. Off-Duty® 
  117. Diesel Duty® 
  118. Monster Dairy Delivery® 
  119. ’15 Ford F-150 (New Model)
  120. Toyota Off Road 
  121. Custom Ford Bronco 
  122. ’68 El Camino™ 
  123. Subaru Brat 
  124. Volkswagen Caddy (New Model)
  125. Datsun 620
  126. Let’s GO™ 
  127. ’13 COPO Camaro® 
  128. The Vanster® 
  129. Rrroadster 
  130. GT Hunter™ (New Model)
  131. C6 Corvette® 
  132. Circle Trucker® 
  133. Lancia Stratos 
  134. Prototype H-24® 
  135. Winning Formula™ (New Model)
  136. Hi-Tech Missile® 
  137. Clear Speeder™
  138. Paradigm Shift® 
  139. Nerve Hammer® 
  140. ’69 Chevelle® 
  141. What-4-2® 
  142. Bullet Proof® 
  143. Vandetta® 
  144. Scion xB 
  145. X-Steam™ (New Model)
  146. BMW E36 M3 Race 
  147. Bully Goat™ 
  148. Super Blitzen® 
  149. Aston Martin Vantage GT3 (New Model)
  150. SRT Viper GTS-R (New Model)
  151. Mastretta MXR 
  152. Fig Rig® 
  153. Nitro Tailgater™ (New Model)
  154. Custom ’15 Ford Mustang (New Model) 
  155. Corvette® C7.R (New Model)
  156. High Voltage®
  157. Battle Spec® 
  158. RD-08® 
  159. Bye Focal® II 
  160. RD-06™ 
  161. Carbide® 
  162. Chicane® 
  163. Iridium™ 
  164. Salt Shaker® 
  165. RD-03® 
  166. Racing Rig 
  167. Maximum Leeway® 
  168. 16 Angels™ 
  169. Bedlam™ 
  170. Epic Fast™ (New Model)
  171. Power Pistons® 
  172. Pharodox® 
  173. Rogue Hog™ 
  174. Speedbox® 
  175. Time Tracker® 
  176. Twinduction® 
  177. Two Timer™ 
  178. Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept 
  179. Corvette® Grand Sport™ Roadster (New Model)
  180. Speed Slayer™ (New Model)
  181. ’68 Mercury Cougar 
  182. Honda Racer™ 
  183. Velocita 
  184. DMC DeLorean™ 
  185. Name TBD (New Model)
  186. Porsche Panamera 
  187. Fly-By™ 
  188. Ferrari 599 XX 
  189. Lamborghini Veneno 
  190. BMW K 1300 R 
  191. ’12 Acura NSX Concept 
  192. Bentley Continental Supersports 
  193. Mazda RX-7 
  194. ’70 Chevy® Chevelle® 
  195. ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 
  196. Porsche 911 GT3 RS 
  197. ’90 Honda Civic EF 
  198. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 
  199. ’70 Plymouth AAR Cuda 
  200. Power Surge™ (New Model)
  201. Toyota Supra 
  202. ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon 
  203. Ducati 1199 Panigale 
  204. Ryura LX™ 
  205. Name TBD (New Model)
  206. ’74 Brazilian Dodge Charger 
  207. ’55 Chevy® Bel Air® Gasser 
  208. ’67 Chevy® C10 
  209. Pass’n Gasser™  
  210. ’71 HEMI® ’Cuda 
  211. ’68 COPO Camaro® 
  212. ’65 Ford Ranchero 
  213. ’68 HEMI® Barracuda 
  214. ’63 Studebaker Champ 
  215. ’78 Dodge Li’l Red Express Truck 
  216. Convertible ’14 Corvette® Stingray™ 
  217. Tesla Model S (New Model)
  218. ’90 Acura NSX (New Model)
  219. Lotus Esprit S1 (New Model)
  220. Porsche 934 Turbo RSR (New Model)
  221. ’70 Ford Escort RS1600 (New Model)
  222. Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 (New Model)
  223. McLaren P1™(New Model)
  224. Fast-Bed Hauler™ 
  225. 8 Crate® 
  226. ’68 Shelby GT500™ 
  227. ’71 Dodge Challenger 
  228. ’67 Pontiac® GTO® 
  229. ’70 Plymouth Superbird 
  230. ’86 Monte Carlo™ SS™ 
  231. ’69 Chevelle® SS™ 396 
  232. ’13 Hot Wheels® Chevy® Camaro® Special Edition 
  233. ’14 Corvette® Stingray™ 
  234. Dodge Challenger Concept
  235. ’15 Dodge Challenger SRT (New Model)
  236. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR 
  237. Scion FR-S 
  238. Driftsta™(New Model)
  239. Toyota AE-86 Corolla 
  240. Custom ’12 Ford Mustang 
  241. ’69 Camaro® 
  242. ’65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback 
  243. Datsun 240Z  
  244. ’52 Chevy®  
  245. Aston Martin 1963 DB5 
  246. Camaro® Convertible Concept 
  247. ’15 Ford Mustang GT 
  248. Nissan 370Z 
  249. Chevy® Silverado™ 
  250. Aston Martin DBS

The 2015 Licensed New Models:

’69 Dodge Charger 500

Lamborghini Urus


Cadillac Elmiraj

The Simpsons Family Car

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

’15 Ford F-150

Volkswagen Caddy

Aston Martin Vantage GT3


Custom ’15 Ford Mustang

Corvette C7.R

Corvette Grand Sport Roadster

Tesla Model S

’90 Acura NSX

Lotus Esprit S1

’70 Ford Escort RS1600

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4

McLaren P1

’15 Dodge Challenger SRT

Some New Model observations:
  • No Camaro!
  • A heavy dose of Mopar, which is refreshing.
  • Only one Mustang!
  • A heavy dose of European cars, which is refreshing.
  • While we are very excited to see models like the Cadillac Elmiraj, Aston Martin Vantage GT3, Corvette C7.R, and Tesla Model S in the lineup, those are the types of models that Hot Wheels has messed up in the past with poorly-executed curves, disproportionate rear wheels, and that new-but-awful phenomenon, the up-sloped chin.  We already know the Viper has met the bad-chin fate.
  • Only one Japanese car!  (More on that in a second.)
  • No Ferraris!  Has that answered anyone’s questions about the future of Ferrari at Mattel?
  • We know we will be adding the Matchbox Tesla Model S to the collection.  We will see about the Hot Wheels version.
  • We have to think the Escort will debut in blue with a white side stripe, a la the Escort Paul Walker drove in Fast & Furious 6.  We anticipate seeing the Retro Entertainment version soon after.
  • The new model we expect to be our favorite when 2015 is over?  Is there any doubt?  The Acura NSX, which is a most-welcome addition, and we know it will be treated with much love by Mattel’s resident Honda-head, Ryu Asada, who we have confirmed is designing it.  Cool to see it released the same year it will officially hit 25-year “Nostalgic” status.

Some observations about the entire 2015 lineup:
  • 2014 was the year of JDM, and 2015 isn’t too far behind.  We already discussed the NSX, plus the 510 Wagon is back, as is the 240Z, Toyota Supra, Honda S2K, Lancer Evo, Mazda RX-7, Mad MangaAE86, and 1990 Honda Civic, as well as the happy mainline debut of the Subaru BRAT.  We are a bit sad to see the absence of any Nissan Skyline, the Toyota 2000GT and Celica.  (We do know the R34 will be in the Road Trippin’ line.)
  • The ratio of fantasy models to real licensed cars seems to be about the same.  No reason to complain about that.
  • Among the licensed models, there seems to be a lot of collectors faves, most notably the ’55 Gasser510 Wagon, ’83 Silverado, Kool Kombi, Ferrari 599XX, ’68 COPO Camaro, ’65 Ranchero, ’71 Challenger, and ’70 Superbird.
  • Lots of Mopar.
  • There have been several differing opinions about the Ferrari license at Mattel.  This lineup can put any doubts to bed.  Only the 599 GTB and 599XX are in the lineup, no new castings, and nothing after the release of the 599XX in Batch D.  Plus, we have it on good authority the Ferrari license is in fact expired.  

Lastly, just for the hell of it, let us try to guess what the Super TH’s will be this year.  We already know of these:
  1. Kool Kombi
  2. Rrroadster
  3. Toyota AE86
  4. Ferrari 599XX
  5. ’69 Mustang Boss 302
  6. Custom ’77 Dodge Van
  7. Pass’n Gasser
So 8 more.  We will give 10 guesses.  Let’s see how we do:
  • Subaru Brat
  • ’65 Ford Ranchero
  • ’70 Plymouth Superbird
  • ’67 Chevy C10
  • ’63 Studebaker Champ
  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
  • ’68 Shelby GT500
  • DMC DeLorean
  • Scion FR-S
  • ’71 HEMI Cuda
Anyone else want to guess?  Put your 10 guesses below, and we will see who does the best…

16 Replies to “Our thoughts on the 2015 Hot Wheels Mainline, and we guess the remaining 8 Supers…”

  1. We have to remember, there are a few that are marked as TBD, so no official word on what those are yet. They are almost all certainly licensed models.

    But I guess we'll see.


  2. Why not a super Batmobile?! Why not do it with the new Arkham Knight Batmobile?! The Batmobile's are one of the most collected castings and that would be a awesome way to celebrate 75 years of the cape crusader! Thanks Felix

  3. Most of the 'guesses' in the last list would be dope! What the hell.. I'll take all of them. A DMC DeLorean? A
    Lamborghini Sesto Elemento? Subaru Brat or a '68 Shelby GT500? God I hope so!!!

  4. BATMOBILE TV SHOW. I can't believe this was not more sought after. HW has done a great job on each casting of it. Also wouldn't be surprised by the Enterprise making the cut even though I'm not a fan. Love to see the Ford Comet Gasser make the TH list. Also like to see Dodge Power Wagon make it into the mainline. As well as the Texas Ford pick up. Just my opinion…

  5. So the Viper is out of contention for me (because no throwback Oreca livery).

    IRL, the Aston GT3 is vent-happy and the C7.R looks deceptively clean. HW better deliver on those those (they can just cut the splitters on the lips off, just don't make it a raised-lip model).

    The custom '15 Mustang (pleasebeRTRpleasebeRTRpleasebeRTR), the P1, Huracan, and Challenger (Q: is it gonna be the Hellcat version?) are on my wanted list for me, though I seriously want the 599XX if it comes in yellow, red or white, regardless of graphics.

    Diggin' the GT3RS in the D Case rep. I better get it, too, along with the 599XX, as they might be gone forever.

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