1990 Acura NSX? 1970 Escort RS1600? The entire Hot Wheels 2015 Mainline has been unveiled…

We were surprised to see the entire 2015 Mainline revealed on HWC today, so we thought we would pass it along ASAP.

Lots to take in, and we don’t have an overall opinion yet, but there are a couple of new models that we didn’t know about that definitely stand out:
Lots more to discuss, and we welcome your feedback below.  Now have at it:
2015 Hot Wheels® Segments & Cars
Segment    Name Toy # Collector #
HW City Works®   Speed Dozer™ CFH27 1
    Turbine Time™ * CFH21 2
    Cool-One® CFH29 3
    Chill Mill™ * CFH14 4
    Backdrafter™ * CFG75 5
    So Plowed™ CFH30 6
    Fast Gassin® CFH31 7
    Cockney Cab™ II CFH32 8
    Mig Rig® CFH33 9
    Street Cleaver® CFH34 10
HW Performance®   ’10 Ford Shelby GT500™ CFH35 11
    ’09 Corvette® ZR1™ CFH36 12
    Great Gatspeed™ * CFH25 13
    D-Muscle™ * CFH10 14
    ’71 Buick® Riviera™ CFH44 15
    ’83 Chevy® Silverado™ CFH48 16
    Honda S2000 CFH40 17
    ’71 El Camino™ CFH49 18
    ’69 Dodge Charger 500 * CFH22 19
    Custom ’77 Dodge Van CFH46 20
Street Power®   Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano CFH81 21
    Super Volt * CFH08 22
    Lamborghini Urus * CFG93 23
    BMW M4 * CFH07 24
    Cadillac® Elmiraj™ * CFH11 25
HW Art Cars™   Volkswagen Beetle CFH43 26
    ’67 Austin Mini Van CFH47 27
    Hiway Hauler® 2 CFH50 28
    Bread Box® CFH51 29
    Mad Manga® CFH52 30
Street Beasts®   Preying Menace™ CFH53 31
    Scorpedo® CFH54 32
    Eevil Weevil® CFH55 33
    Tomb Up® CFH56 34
    Knight Draggin’™ CFH57 35
    Bad Ratitude™ CFH58 36
    Super Stinger® CFH59 37
    Piranha Terror® CFH60 38
    Sharkruiser® CFH61 39
    Steer Clear™ * CFG78 40
HW Space Team™   Name TBD * BDC87 41
    4Ward Speed® CFH63 42
    U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701 CFH64 43
    RocketFire® CFH65 44
    Name TBD * CFG79 45
HW Rescue™   Rescue Duty® CFH66 46
    Combat Medic® CFH67 47
    Canyon Carver® CFH68 48
    Ford Mustang GT Concept CFH69 49
    Fiat 500 CFH70 50
    5 Alarm CFH71 51
    Propper Chopper® CFH72 52
    H2GO (pending trademark clearance) CFH73 53
    Speed Trap® CFH74 54
    Super Van CFH75 55
Tooned®   The Simpsons Family Car* CFG80 56
    THE JETSONS Capsule Car CFH76 57
    The Homer CFK18 58
    Snoopy CFK19 59
    Name TBD* CFH26 60
BATMAN™   BATMAN™: Arkham Knight Batmobile * CFG82 61
    Batmobile™ CFK20 62
    Batmobile™ CFK21 63
    Arkham Asylum Batmobile CFK22 64
    Batman Live! Batmobile CFK23 65
HW All Stars®   MR11 CFK24 66
    Torque Twister™ CFK25 67
    Tee’d Off 2™* CFG85 68
    Fast FeLion® CFK26 69
    Muscle Tone® CFK27 70
Surf Patrol™   Surf Crate CFK28 71
    Custom ’62 Chevy® CFK29 72
    Kool Kombi CFK30 73
    Pedal Driver™ * CFG87 74
    Loopster™ * CFG88 75
Segment    Name Toy # Collector #
Road Rally®   Fast 4wd CFL87 76
    ’08 Lancer Evolution CFK32 77
    ’12 Ford Fiesta CFK33 78
    Off Track® CFK34 79
    Morris Mini CFK35 80
HW Moto™   HW450F® CFK36 81
    Harley-Davidson Fat Boy® CFK37 82
    Street Stealth™ * CFH09 83
    Sand Stinger® CFK39 84
    Tred Shredder™ CFK40 85
Battle Kings®   Sting Rod™ II CFK41 86
    Invader® CFK42 87
    Bad Mudder® 2 CFK43 88
    Enforcer® CFK44 89
    The Haulinator™ * CFG89 90
Sky Show®   Cloud Cutter® CFK45 91
    Mad Propz® CFJ27 92
    Fast Fortress® CFK46 93
    Sky Knife® CFK47 94
    Jet Threat® 4.0 CFK48 95
Hot Wheels Test Facility™    Rip Rod® CFK49 96
    Mountain Mauler® CFK50 97
    Hot Wheels® Ford Transit Connect CFK51 98
    Team Hot Wheels® Corkscrew Buggy CFK52 99
    Bull Whip™ * CFG90 100
Jungle Rally®   Jeep® CJ-7 CFK53 101
    Land Crusher™ CFL90 102
    Hover Storm™ * CFG91 103
    Aero Pod™ * CFG92 104
    Humvee® CFK71 105
Ice Mountain™   Tread Air® CFK55 106
    RD-02® CFK56 107
    Rockster® CFK57 108
    Ice Shredder™ * CFG94 109
    Snow Stormer™ * CFG95 110
Stunt Circuit®   Quicksand™ CFK58 111
    Project Speeder™ CFK91 112
    Mad Splash® CFK60 113
    Carbonic™ CFK61 114
    HW Poppa Wheelie™ CFK62 115
HW Hot Trucks®   Off-Duty® CFK63 116
    Diesel Duty® CFK64 117
    Monster Dairy Delivery® CFK65 118
    ’15 Ford F-150 * CFH24 119
    Toyota Off Road CFK67 120
    Custom Ford Bronco CFK68 121
    ’68 El Camino™ CFK69 122
    Subaru Brat CFK70 123
    Volkswagen Caddy * CFV19 124
    Datsun 620 CFK72 125
Segment    Name Toy # Collector #
HW Race Team®   Let’s GO™ CFK73 126
    ’13 COPO Camaro® CFK74 127
    The Vanster® CFK75 128
    Rrroadster CFK76 129
    GT Hunter™ * CFG96 130
    C6 Corvette® CFK77 131
    Circle Trucker® CFK78 132
    Lancia Stratos CFK79 133
    Prototype H-24® CFK80 134
    Winning Formula™ * CFG97 135
X-Raycers®   Hi-Tech Missile® CFK81 136
    Clear Speeder™ CFK82 137
    Paradigm Shift® CFK83 138
    Nerve Hammer® CFK84 139
    ’69 Chevelle® CFK85 140
    What-4-2® CFK86 141
    Bullet Proof® CFK87 142
    Vandetta® CFK88 143
    Scion xB CFK89 144
    X-Steam™ * CFG98 145
World Racers®   BMW E36 M3 Race CFK90 146
    Bully Goat™  CFK59 147
    Super Blitzen® CFK92 148
    Aston Martin Vantage GT3 * CFH15 149
    SRT Viper GTS-R * CFG99 150
    Mastretta MXR CFK94 151
    Fig Rig® CFK95 152
    Nitro Tailgater™ * CFG77 153
    Custom ’15 Ford Mustang * CFH00 154
    Corvette® C7.R * CFH01 155
Super Chromes™   High Voltage® CFK97 156
    Battle Spec® CFK98 157
    RD-08® CFK99 158
    Bye Focal® II CFL00 159
    RD-06™ CFL01 160
    Carbide® CFL02 161
    Chicane® CFL03 162
    Iridium™ CFL04 163
    Salt Shaker® CFL05 164
    RD-03® CFL06 165
Night Storm®   Racing Rig CFL07 166
    Maximum Leeway® CFL08 167
    16 Angels™ CFL09 168
    Bedlam™ CFL10 169
    Epic Fast™ * CFH02 170
    Power Pistons® CFL11 171
    Pharodox® CFL12 172
    Rogue Hog™ CFL13 173
    Speedbox® CFL14 174
    Time Tracker® CFJ15 175
Track Aces®    Twinduction® CFL77 176
    Two Timer™ CFL16 177
    Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept CFL17 178
    Corvette® Grand Sport™ Roadster * CFH04 179
    Speed Slayer™ * CFH05 180
    ’68 Mercury Cougar CFH77 181
    Honda Racer™ CFH78 182
    Velocita CFH79 183
    DMC DeLorean™ CFH80 184
    Name TBD* CFH06 185
Segment    Name Toy # Collector #
Thrill Racers®   Porsche Panamera CFH85 186
    Fly-By™ CFH82 187
    Ferrari 599 XX CFH83 188
    Lamborghini Veneno CFH84 189
    BMW K 1300 R CFK38 190
Speed Team®   ’12 Acura NSX Concept CFK93 191
    Bentley Continental Supersports CFH45 192
    Maxda RX-7 CFH91 193
    ’70 Chevy® Chevelle® CFH39 194
    ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 CFH41 195
Night Burnerz®   Porsche 911 GT3 RS CFH86 196
    ’90 Honda Civic EF CFH87 197
    Lamborghini Sesto Elemento CFH88 198
    ’70 Plymouth AAR Cuda CFH89 199
    Power Surge™ * CFG76 200
    Toyota Supra CFH90 201
    ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon CFK96 202
    Ducati 1199 Panigale CFH92 203
    Ryura LX™ CFJ12 204
    Name TBD * CFH13 205
Heat Fleet®   ’74 Brazilian Dodge Charger CFH37 206
    ’55 Chevy® Bel Air® Gasser CFH93 207
    ’67 Chevy® C10 CFH94 208
    Pass’n Gasser™ CFH95 209
    ’71 HEMI® ’Cuda CFH96 210
    ’68 COPO Camaro® CFH97 211
    ’65 Ford Ranchero CFH98 212
    ’68 HEMI® Barracuda CFH99 213
    ’63 Studebaker Champ CFJ00 214
    ’78 Dodge Li’l Red Express Truck CFJ01 215
HW Garage™   Convertible ’14 Corvette® Stingray™  CFJ03 216
    Tesla Model S  * CFH03 217
    ’90 Acura NSX * CFH16 218
    Lotus Esprit S1* CFG74 219
    Porsche 934 Turbo RSR CFH62 220
    ’70 Ford Escort RS1600* CFH18 221
    Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4* CFH19 222
    McLaren P1™* CFH20 223
    Fast-Bed Hauler™ CFH28 224
    8 Crate® CFH38 225
Muscle Mania®   ’68 Shelby GT500™ CFJ04 226
    ’71 Dodge Challenger CFJ05 227
    ’67 Pontiac® GTO® CFJ06 228
    ’70 Plymouth Superbird CFJ07 229
    ’86 Monte Carlo™ SS™ CFH42 230
    ’69 Chevelle® SS™ 396 CFJ08 231
    ’13 Hot Wheels® Chevy® Camaro® Special Edition CFJ09 232
    ’14 Corvette® Stingray™ CFJ10 233
    Dodge Challenger Concept CFJ11 234
    ’15 Dodge Challenger SRT * CFH12 235
HW Drift Race™   Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR CFJ13 236
    Scion FR-S CFJ14 237
    Driftsta™* CFH23 238
    Toyota AE-86 Corolla CFJ16 239
    Custom ’12 Ford Mustang CFJ17 240
Then and Now®   ’69 Camaro® CFJ18 241
    ’65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback CFJ19 242
    Datsun 240Z CFJ20 243
    ’52 Chevy® CFJ21 244
    Aston Martin 1963 DB5 CFJ22 245
    Camaro® Convertible Concept CFJ23 246
    ’15 Ford Mustang GT CFJ24 247
    Nissan 370Z CFJ25 248
    Chevy® Silverado™ CFK66 249
    Aston Martin DBS CFJ26 250

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