First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels McLaren P1…

It looks good, doesn’t it?

We can get caught up in the large rear wheels, or the metal spoiler, which are elements we’ve complained about with other models in the past.  But neither of those detracts from the model.

There are obvious constraints that Hot Wheels has put on their basic models, and that means that a model may not tackle realism like, say, a Tomica Limited Vintage or Auto World model.  But that is to be expected.  Spoilers could be metal, rear wheels too large, and some details missing.  But the hope is that the essence of the real car is there.  You can look at the model and know exactly what it is.

And that seems to be a major factor in the success or failure of Hot Wheels supercars.  With all the crazy curves, sleek ride-heights, and menacing angles, supercars are hard to replicate.  There have been models that have swung and missed (Lotus Evora, Koenigsegg Agera R), and others that have gotten it right (Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta).  There are others that just seem a little off (Pagani Huayra, LaFerrari).  My guess is that if you ask a Hot Wheels designer, they would tell you supercars are tough.

But golly-gee, if that McLaren P1 isn’t one of the best they’ve done.  I don’t know who did the design work for the McLaren, but kudos.  It’s great.

I am not going to tell you what makes this a great Hot Wheels model.  The photos will.  At this point in the 2015 line, this is the best New Model so far…

Hot Wheels McLaren P1 (2015 New Models):

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  1. Hot Wheels have completely pulled this off. I mean, its perfect. Its just awesome! Whoever did the design job on this one, well done! Your photos do complete justice to this car. Not only is this the best casting of 2015 so far, its also one of the very best supercars they have done in the last few years. The color is perfect, detailing and execution is spot-on, the rear wheels do not bother me at all and actually work well because the real car also has small front and large rear wheels, and the raised spoiler actually increases this car's appeal. Seriously, its one of the most recognizable parts on the car and they pulled it off. God, I can't wait to pick this up! Another thing that has been going on in my mind ever since I knew the P1 was in the pipeline and I have wanted to get it out is that this makes a perfect candidate for the “Then & Now” series. This also means that we can finally have the mighty F1 GTR in the mainline. I have wanted to acquire that car just as badly as the P1. Its been one of my favorite cars ever since I raced it in Need for Speed High Stakes. This actually makes even more sense because Rivals (the first NFS to have the P1) is a remake of High Stakes (the first to have the F1 GTR). How Wheels, are you listening?

  2. This car is awsome! Not much the super car enthusiasts maybe cause they are unattainable but this is amazing! I mentioned a while back that kids today are caught up in video games and this my friends is right out of many of them. My oldest is going to flip over this. Him and my youngest love their Lambos and my oldest is already excited about MBs launch of the Tesla. This will blow his mind may be a start of a family hobby with releases like this. If only they could come together and keep creating what makes cars so attractive. I'm a Hot rod Muscle car guy my kids love the fast lane and I see why…

  3. Dunno if it's gonne be model of the year because Hot Wheels always surprises us with models like the Chevy Gasser and the Kool Kombi, fantasy models that takes everything to another level (imagination + execution of the casting) but in terms of realism, it couldn't get any better than this for a 4 piece model that costs a single dollar (about 2.50 here in Brazil).

  4. Not sure what pics you have been looking at, but the P1 does NOT have large rear wheels. Google it.
    This model is OK, but it doesn't hold a light to the Lambo Sesto Elemento which is a perfect copy of the real car.

  5. the P1 actually has a slightly larger set of rear wheels, like a lot of supercars. “the wheels have a diameter of 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the back”

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