Cool is Cool is Cool: The Kyosho Lexus LFA & Nurburgring Edition…

There is little to say about these, other than we don’t give “Cool is Cool” designation to supercars that often.

Supercars better be cool.  Cool in the way you would say “Wow, what a cool car!” if one passed by.  That could be if you are 5 or 65.  But let’s face it, some super cars just are not that cool.  No need to get into specifics, but some, no matter what they can do under the hood, just can’t get it done in the cool car department.

Ok, let’s get into specifics.  The Lamborghini Veneno is not cool.  Looks matter, and that car does not look good at all.  Ferrari 458?  Beautifully cool.  Nissan GT-R?  It looks like Godzilla.  That’s cool.  We can go on and on.  Countach?  I recuse myself, because it was on a poster in my room as a kid, along with the Testarossa and 959.  On your wall as a kid?  Cool for sure, no matter what anyone else might think (and I really think the Testarossa without poster treatment will get the “not cool” designation).

Anyway, Lexus LFA?  Cool.  Of course it is cool.  It looks like nothing else, sounds like nothing else, and makes you want one the second you see it in person.  And I should be angry about that, because the LFA that Toyota brought to JCCS a few months ago took too much of my attention, would I should have been looking at nostalgics.  Damn you, Toyota!  (I will forgive that, but I WON’T forgive that pretentious “my son insists on washing the Prius in the rain” commercial.  “Smug” is not a good word, and a terrible marketing strategy.)

Sorry for the tangent.  Back to the subject at hand.  The Lexus LFA is cool because…because…it…because…ok, if you haven’t seen that Prius commercial, I can link it, but you will not be happy with me.  In fact you may hate me for showing it.  It makes me HAVE TO APOLOGIZE for considering myself a left-leaning environmentally-conscious person.  I hate that Toyota did research and thought the smug parents proudly watching their “only-in-commercials” son wait for rain to wash the Prius.  Wouldn’t that make you want to trade your Prius in for a Hummer?  And I think Hummers are the worst vehicles made for the road ever.  Why am I so mad!  I hate that commercial.  Toyota, I am rooting for you!  You did the 86/FR-S, and you are bringing the Supra back!  That LFA!  My TLV display is full of Toyotas!  That makes me happy!  That ad doesn’t.

Sorry.  Seriously, I need to talk more about the LFA.  I mean who gave that ad a green light!?!  Are Prius owners really that bad?  Is that ad just speaking to the Facebook generation, that generation that uses Facebook to humble brag things like “crazy, I was going to make my kid chicken nuggets, but he insisted on kale.  Is this my kid? lol…” hoping that we all think you are so cool for having a kid that likes kale, but we are all rolling our eyes because you posted it because you thought that would make you look cool?  Not cool!  This kid in the rain ad is one big humblebrag Facebook post, isn’t it?  Maybe Toyota is a bunch of geniuses.  I still hate that ad.

Now give me second to go make my kid kale chips.  He just finished washing the car in the rain and he is famished.

I can’t remember what I was talking about…

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