The Tomica Limited Vintage "Damaged Box" Sale at Japan Booster startsnow: Up to 50% off TLV…

As we told you when we announced the Black Friday Sale at Japan Booster, you should grab what you want from that sale, but don’t close out the purchase until the second part of the sale started.

That second part starts now.  This is Japan Booster’s first ever Tomica Limited Vintage “Damaged Box” Sale.  As you know, TLV’s come in a small box, and to many, the condition of the box is just as important as the condition of the model inside.  For others, like we here at Lamley, box condition doesn’t matter, as long as the model is without flaws.  For those of you like us, this sale is for you.

Japan Booster is listing its inventory of TLV’s with damaged boxes, and they discounting them from 20% to 50% off.  For models that are rarely discounted, this is an amazing sale.  Plus, as always, all TLV orders over $50 qualify for FREE SHIPPING.  This is easily the best deal for TLV for anyone outside of Japan.

And included in this sale are some highly sought-after models, including the Datsun Wagon, Toyota Land Cruisers, Porsche 911, several Nissan Skylines, Toyota Corollas, and even those fantastic large Hino Buses.  You can see them all here:

Tomica Limited Vintage “Damaged Box” Sale

And hurry, because these models will go fast.  There is only one of each, so you want to act quickly.

Here some (and we emphasize “SOME”) of the models to look for:

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  1. I wanted one of those buses so bad… but I just spent my allowed budget on a 1/72 F4U Corsair, and it's a fantastic little (large) model I've been wanting for ages. Guess I'll have to leave it to a next time…

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