The Black Friday Sale at Japan Booster starts now: Huge savings on Tomica Limited Vintage & Kyosho…

We have heard from many of you that you love the Tomica Limited Vintage models we feature, but are waiting for the right time to jump in.  Well, if you are one of those people, your patience has paid off.

We are very excited to announce the Black Friday Sale at Japan Booster.  This is the time to stock up on TLV.  Our friends at JB are offering a 10% discount on many of the most popular TLV models, as well as 10-30% off Kyosho Lamborghini 5 and Ferrari Racing 2.  This means many TLV’s you have had your eye on, like the 510 Bluebird, Hakosuka Skyline, Isuzu Bellet, and DR30, will be the cheapest they have ever been at Japan Booster.

And the kicker?  All TLV orders over $50 still get FREE SHIPPING!  That has always been the case at Japan Booster and they will honor that throughout the sale.  (Keep in mind any combined shipping with Kyosho will require the minimum shipping fee.)

So head over to the Japan Booster store ASAP and see if what you are after is still available.  All sale models are marked as you scroll through, and you combine with non-sale items as well.  They will go fast.  You can find all the sale items here:

Black Friday Sale at Japan Booster

And one other thing.  Stay tuned to Lamley throughout the day Friday, because a little later the Damaged Box sale will start at Japan Booster as well.  That means mint TLV’s in damaged or dirty boxes.  That means models like the Datsun Wagon, Toyota Corolla, and Porsche 911 will be marked down as much as 50% from their regular price.  And yes, shipping is FREE on these orders over $50 as well.

So here is what we suggest: Grab what you want now, but don’t pay until you see what you can get at the damaged card sale a little later in the day.  Then you combine your orders for free shipping.  But grab what you want now, because once they sell, they are gone…

We hope a lot of you take advantage of this, and please share with us what you grab…

Some notables:

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