Happy Thanksgiving Lamley friends. Here is what we are thankful for…

For those of us in the US, it is time to eat some turkey, enjoy the cool weather, and express what we are thankful for.
And here on Lamley, we will stay true to what we do best, and show a few photos of models we are thankful for this year.  We hope you share some that you are thankful for as well.
But before we do, a little bit on something else we are thankful for.  If it isn’t obvious already, Lamley isn’t Lamley without our partners at Wheel Collectors and Japan Booster.  We have been incredibly lucky to have partnered up with two of the best diecast sellers on eBay.  Wheel Collectors has been with Lamley since the beginning, and we have grown together.  Japan Booster came on a bit later, after it was obvious our Tomica Limited Vintage obsession was only going to grow.  
We can’t stay on top of things without them.  It takes a lot of work to put together features daily, and both Japan Booster and Wheel Collectors make sure we have the models to photograph, and the news to share.  
So do we “hype” their listings?  Absolutely.  It doesn’t mean you have to use them, it doesn’t mean you have to like their prices, but we promise that if you do buy from them, you will be satisfied with the experience.  Both care about their customers, and want them happy.  It makes it very easy for us to recommend them.
So thanks Matt & Matt at WC and Akiyo at JB for helping make Lamley what it is…
Now on to the good stuff:

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