November 25th Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…

Ambassador’s Report November 25th, 2014
By: Larry Scaduto


We have a lot to cover in this report!! There have been some questions online that I will address here. The remaining issues for 2014 will all be released by early January. Not sure which stores will have them at this point, but the last new model will be the Alfa Romeo 4C. The Mystery Cars will be out by mid-December. These will be rolled out in two waves. The regular issue of the SEMA Bronco will be released early in January. Lastly, the Supreme Heroes Series will be available late December/early January. Hope you like my latest report. Enjoy!!! All images and articles within this report are published with the consent & permission of Mattel and the Matchbox Team. I have a Supreme Heroes late addition at the end of this report…

First up we have the 2015 design for the Sowing Machine. It looks great in red!!
And now we have a new deco on the Quarry King for the 2015 singles:
For you Sky Buster fans we have a 2015 Mission Force Boeing AH-64 Apache:
Here are the final two models for the Muppets TV Heroes Series….First we have the London Taxi and below that are images of both sides of the Limousine.

And lastly I am proud to show you a fantastic new tooling for 2015. MB972 Rain Maker This model will be part of the Basic Core 1st Edition Series. (Did anyone catch that?)

  • Can Mattel/Matchbox bring the Mattel-licensed Atlas Dinky Toy reproductions into the United States? These are currently only sold in England and France through subscription offers. These are licensed by Mattel since they own the Dinky and Matchbox trademarks. No, the Atlas Dinky collections will not be brought into the United States.  Atlas our licensee has their own business plan based on their subscription business in France and England. They are doing a great job based on this.  
  • Can you list what models have the MAN#s MB955 through MB968? Yes. List is attached at the end.  Since a few other Pontiacs have new MAN#s…Is the MB585 Pontiac Vibe going to be updated as well or is this mold no longer available? No, the Pontiac Vibe will not have a new MAN number unless the tooling gets changed. This tool is still available.
  • Are there going to be more TV Heroes besides the Muppets? No, the Muppets are the only new additions for TV Heroes.  The rest will be carryovers from the previous year. 
  • Are we going to see more Mission Combat Sets? (For those who haven’t seen these before, these are the sets with one SkyBuster and a single basic range model.) If these are continuing into 2015, any chance of the models being exclusive? Yes, these two packs will continue in 2015 but the decos will not be exclusive.
  • Is it possible to convert police car castings to standard versions and vice-versa? Yes this is possible.
  • Are you still working on resolving the licensing issue with Mercedes or is it not being pursued at present? Mercedes will not be pursued.
  • How many SEMA Broncos in the plastic cases were available at the show? Approximately 200 Pcs.
  • Are licensed non-American fire service vehicles possible in the future? Yes this is possible.
  • Are licensed European or Australian emergency liveries possible on current vehicles? It is possible but is subject to specific licensing agreements.
MAN numbers from Question #2
Pictured here is the No.13 Snorkel Fire Engine in an off white color with an unpainted base 

In the next 3 pictures I am featuring more PrePro’s: MB68 Chevy Van in beige with light smoke windows and an unpainted Lesney England base, below that is an IMSA Mustang in metallic sand with a black painted Macau base, lastly I have a MB17 Ferrari 456 GT in medium metallic blue with unpolished windows and blank smooth black plastic base.

  • Any thoughts on Graffic Traffic type sets ever being produced again? Possibly, but not in the previous execution.
I’ve moved question #10 to the History Section. I would like to see Graffic Traffic type offerings in the future. These sets included markers and a sheet of decals for customizing along with a great selection of white models for personalizing. I’ll give the Matchbox Team 24 good reasons for bringing this collection back. Below is my collection of Graffic Traffic sets from around the world. These sets were issued in and around 1991. Let me know if I’ve missed any sets!! 


                                            Oshkosh Cement Mixer                         Hino Cement Truck

    International Paystar
I decided to devote a little part of this report to what kids are looking for in a vehicle they would like to see. And you know….a cement mixer never crossed my mind. But it has been a long time since the 1:64 scale has seen a realistic cement truck. (Too Long) I must admit in recent years the cement trucks have been downright ugly!!! But, the Real Working Rigs had a wonderful offering that was fantastic and was well underused. Here are a few pictures that were sent to me from fellow collector Mavanerick compliments of his son. 

1986 Isuzu JCS Rural Fire Engine
1960 Dennis Fire Truck
Scania Bus
Porsche Macon
Mazda Miata MX-5
2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z-06
2015 Toyota Highlander
2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat
2010 Hyundai Tucson
Finally found a vehicle that Hot Wheels can’t put a V-8 Engine into…. so this should make a wonderful Matchbox model!!!! 


2014 SEMA Matchbox Goodie Bag
Here is the link to the YouTube Video for the introduction of the SEMA Bronco and its Matchbox counterpart. Thank you Felix for representing Mattel & Matchbox.

November 4th thru November 7th was the SEMA Show (Special Equipment Market Association) Matchbox & Skyjacker teamed up once again to produce a special edition full sized model and a 1:64th scale replica for the 40th Anniversary of Skyjacker Suspensions. In the pictures you will see the goodie bag that was handed out to the press at the opening of the show. It includes the Matchbox Bronco in a special edition case. It is believed that the model will be the same one issued in the basic core line in January of 2015. Also there is a baseball cap, small hand towel and a mini USB rubber Bronco that has all the info about Skyjacker. A really cool idea!!! Replaces paper flyers altogether!! Along with the bag, this makes an impressive presentation for Matchbox.  
Need to reach me??? The best way to contact me is my e-mail

Supreme Heroes Hazard Squad
WOW……just when I thought my report was finished and ready for posting, along comes  more information I didn’t want you to wait 2 more weeks to see. Since I summitted this report for approval I received another set of pictures from the Supreme Heros Collection. I decided to put this set of pics at the end of the report rather than squeezing them at the beginning. So without furture delay….. I present to you the awesome MB796 Hazard Squad:

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