Lamley Awards Poll: What was the Best Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt of 2014?

Alright, what do we make of this poll?

We are obviously a collector-aimed site, and doing a poll for best Super TH or best New Model makes a lot of sense.  But Best Regular Treasure Hunt?  Maybe not.

We have spent a decent amount of time explaining that the Regular TH’s are not for collectors, but instead for kids who will soon realize they found something special when they open one, possibly creating a new collector.  Yet, we continue to see two baffling things:

  1. The venom that comes from many collectors when mentioning the Regulars.  Isn’t Mattel allowed to create models for their main customers?  (That would be kids for those who don’t know.)  If they think that bright fantasy models will be more attractive, isn’t that okay?  Hot Wheels surely had the collector in mind when they released models like the ’83 Silverado, Greenwood Vette, or ’71 Datsun Wagon, and they can have kids in mind when they release the Fangster.  Yet some collectors talk like its a complete betrayal.  Asinine.
  2. Collectors that buy all the Regs they find.  You want all the Supers?  We would pick them up too.  You want all the Datsun Wagons?  Go for it?  You want all the Regulars?  For what?  Unless you are a huge fan of that specific casting, picking up all the Regulars makes no sense at all.  Why have them all?  What do you gain?  Not profit, that is for sure.  We wish more collectors would pick up just one for their collections and leave the rest for kids.  
So with all that said, we are going to ask you to pick what you think is the Best Regular TH.  Sell outs, we are.
The poll is just to your right, or can be found by following this link:
And once again, thanks to our friends at South Texas for providing the photos for your review, in order of release:

7 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the Best Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt of 2014?”

  1. What I think is the best done, and my favorite, is the Subaru WRX STi. Because it appeals to both collectors and kids. The colors used are fantastic and really shine when paired with the gold Trap5 wheels. And the casting itself is very nice and clean as well. Second would be the El Camino simply because its blue and its an El Camino.

  2. I agree! Leave them for the kids! It's pretty bad when I walk in a store with my kids and a new bin was just set out and one guy bought all the regulars! I went with the cloak & dagger! It's a very cool imagination car and hasn't been seen too much recently. Cool color & my kids love that the body pops off!

  3. The La Fasta is #1 for me 'cuz the DeTomaso Pantera is my all-time favorite car, and blue is my favorite color on a car. I've left a BUNCH of this years' TH's on the pegs, even a couple La Fasta's after I got a few of them for myself.

  4. Dear Writer of The Lamley Group,

    You've made it clear that the regular THs are mainly for kids–do you mean that they won't hold value and aren't worth buying for the serious, adult collector? It just seems odd that Mattel would print on the card that they're highly collectible if, in reality, they aren't.


  5. It has never been about value. It is a collectible model, but for a budding collector. Of course anyone can collect them, but for those that buy them all hoping that they will be worth something someday, that won't happen.

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