The 6th Super has been unveiled. Can you guess what it is?

Something showed up today:

Some will be over the moon about this, others won’t have eyes for it at all.  We are sure the shaggy cat will be out of the bag soon, but in the meantime, can you guess what it is?

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  1. So it has the Mooneyes livery. Got it. And while Cougar is one feline option, so is Jaguar, although I don't know Jags well enough to identify any of them from that much of a picture. Also the Fast FeLion, but that was already announced as a T-hunt and it sure doesn't have the paint scheme shown above.

    This might be a stretch, but Shaggy is a character from Scooby Doo…although that doesn't look like it could be any part of the Mystery Machine to me.

  2. According to your hilarious hints, the model has something to do with cats and its going to have a Mooneyes livery. That leaves us with either the Mercury Cougar or the Jaguar XJ220. Seeing how most of the times Hot Wheels likes its Supers to be 'merican muscle, its more likely that it'll be the Mercury. Although I have no problem at all if it turns out to be the XJ220. That is a casting I like a lot, because it is based on the car I like a lot. The HW XJ220 is extremely underused (just like the real car) so it wouldn't be a bad thing if they were to bring it back. And if it was going to be a Super, it's return would be even better. But that is just the stuff of my dreams and it ain't gonna happen. So Cougar still stands high. Possibly the Eliminator. Although I'm still not saying for sure.

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